Monday, October 14, 2013

Noooo Hannity... This Is Not A Moose!

Monday October 14, the start of the week's news cycle and Fox's non news cycle... Hannity was on my list of must watch for no news and all the lies and spin my comedy glands could take in one sitting. 

After all of Sean's 'astute' observations, at 10:10 he decided to tweak the show's upcoming 'Video of the day' segment of three videos that will get votes and the most voted one will be shown in its entirety. I have one little correction for Mr. Hannity and this is that the animal on his featured video is indeed an Elk, not a moose as Sean, his staff and indeed the whole Fox news studio chose to call the animal and did not know what it really was. 

Even the heading on the actual video says 'Elk".  This confirms that Hannity himself does not take his show seriously...

Why do Republicans/Conservatives ignore headings? Remember the 'Bin Laden determined to strike in US" heading?

It's obvious that no one in the studio pays any mind to Hannity's show... even his guest Ann Coulter did not pay the show any mind while awaiting her turn to come on the show...Mr. Hannity's producer and prompter person were also absent when it came to any corrections and now I will sit here just to see when and if he realizes the mistake at all... he and Fox sure know their America...

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