Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Danger! All Tattoos Are Poisonous.

So this is some really bad news because everyone has had or knows someone who has a tattoo. I was blown away with this radio episode on WNYC which really nailed down what everyone must know about tattooing. The show is 'The Leonard Lopate show' and I have included a link to the show so you can listen to it yourself.

So far tattoos cannot be removed, they are simply treated with lasers and broken down and now float around your body and may eventually be deposited in your lymph nodes. It is a permanent threat to you for the rest of your life.

From WNYC... 'The FDA lists several risks from tattoos on its website: Infection, Allergies, Scarring, Granulomas, and MRI complications. However, tattoo inks are regulated as cosmetics in this country, which means that there is no federal agency that reviews, or approves, tattoo inks. A study in Lancet revealed titanium, barium, aluminum, and copper are predominantly used as colorants in tattoos, and there is little scientific information about the lifetime internal exposure to these ingredients. Monona Rossol, industrial hygienist and president of Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety, Inc., will discuss the latest study on what is known, and what is unknown, about the safety of tattoos.'

I encourage all to listen to the episode which is titled 'Think before you ink,'
I'll give a quick synopsis; apparently most inks contain tiny, nano sized metal particulates that migrate from the tattoos and are deposited in the Lymph nodes, where they are falsely detected as cancerous cells, thereby causing some of us to undergo treatment and surgeries for cancer when in fact we are not correctly diagnosed. This means you will have organs incorrectly removed.

This has happened to at least one person who then went through the treatment and a hysterectomy for cancer. They later realized the mistake and said upon a review that they did find microscopic cancer cells anyway...(grain of salt needed for that one.)

Sometimes cancers show up in the actual tattoo, as has been observed in many sailors who were known for having inked up long ago. Now tattooing has become the norm and everyone is at risk. 

Tattoos are classified as cosmetics so there are no regulations per se, to control manufacturing of the inks, which even in the case of organic inks, there is still the risk of bacterial infections so they are infused with toxic chemicals, 
solvents and banned chemical preservatives to prevent infections.

Titanium oxide, mercuric oxide and cadmium are carcinogens that are widely used in cosmetics and inks. Aluminum, Barium, Copper, Lead, Arsenic, Cobalt,  Nickle and other products are still found in todays inks. Titanium Dioxide is also used in sunscreen... so yeah, there is that!

Doing an MRI is usually troubling and painful because the MRI is a magnetic process which actually attracts the metals in the tattoos as they are trying to rip away your skin through magnetic attraction to the machine.

The bottom line is there is no safe way to get a tattoo and not be at risk, so spread the word.

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