Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyclic Religion.

Religion demands that you accept that you are gullible, cowardly and sinful, and as a consequence you must fear the wrath of your Gods, bow down to Him/Her/it and beg for forgiveness, strength and "salvation". Obviously you are made to feel insecure, insufficient and a complete failure. You are reduced to a mere scrap of a human. Religion rules you by fear. Fear of God is irrational, because you do not even know what you fear. Is God a monkey in a dress? Or is God a demon in disguise? You the followers are not told who or what God is, because the Bible itself was written by frightened, cowardly men who themselves did not know.
This is why they wrote then, and speak now, in non-distinct, broad and general terms, just like a magician who distracts you and makes you think that there is something of substance there when truly there is not. The church demands that you hear and follow the Lord, and what does He/She demand? God demands that you follow his appointed....the Church. Who would have guessed? They have you running in circles....while they collect your money.
Why do we not have Flaming Chariots and Thundering voices coming from burning bushes today? Unless God has decided to use the cell phone instead, the answer is obviously there was no flaming chariot or burning bush to begin with. Why was it not a flaming Fire Truck, or loud speakers that God used? It was simply that the inventors of these stories, which were obviously untrue, were not reporting on Godly doings but just used their own delusional imagination to invent the story, using ancient props....there were no fire trucks back then.

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