Monday, November 30, 2009

Suicide among our troops found in their investigations that in 2005 there were at least 6,256 suicides among those who had served in our armed forces. Shockingly, that means approximately 120 troops per week throughout the year of 2005, committed suicide. On 9/11, 3000 people died, so Bush started two wars, but this information means we have been having approximately two 9/11 events taking place every year, with over 6000 suicides, and Bush and his followers did nothing significant to stop this atrocity.

This is Bush's true shameful legacy of Shock and Awe. This article also showed findings that veterans were twice as likely to commit suicide than civilians, veterans having a suicide rate between 18.7 to 20.8 per 100,000 compared to civilians' which was 8.9 per 100,000. The article also pointed to a really Shocking fact among troops aged 20 to 24 years old. Their suicide rate is a Shocking two to four times higher than civilians of the same age, civilians that age have suicide rates of about 8.3 per 100,000 thousand, while vets that age was found to commit suicide between 22.9 and 31.9 times per 100,000.

It is expected that the number of those who attempted suicide and were saved is much higher. A article reported that about 1.6 million troops have fought in the two wars since 2001 and an estimated 20% or 320,000 suffer from PTSD or Depression. This echoes a Rand Corporation study that was published in April 2008. I am truly Shocked and in Awe that Bush and his people did nothing significant then and still do nothing significant....they don't support the don't trust or follow them or their radio and TV mouthpieces, who still say they do. They are not patriotic.

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