Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shock and Awe on America

This blog is created to introduce visitors to the book "Shock and Awe on America" and to discuss some of the problems which we in America face. Any suggestions and comments by visitors to this blog will be respected and heard.

America's problems are not restricted or contained by our shores and therefore we see the results and ripples of those problems spreading throughout the world. America accounts for about 25% of the world's GDP and our recession unfortunately spread like a wildfire through the global economies, devastating some already weak economies and as a result, millions around the world will unnecessarily die.

Many of these casualties will be in the poor communities around the world who are on the edge of the mainstream donation and charity circle. The inner circles, which are those global communities that already have an up and running system of help being extended to them, are already seeing a large drop in financing, food donations, medical supplies and other tools used to alleviate the unfortunate circumstances they are burdened or afflicted with.

This means the smaller circles of needy communities on the outside of the mainstream, have virtually nothing coming in to help them. In the past they would have gotten some small and needed help, which is the now non-existent crumbs of the various charity organisations. These charity organisations are literally fighting to stay alive, as their various streams of donations have all but dried up with this Global Recession. They have no choice but to try to limit their assistance programs and resources to helping and maintaining the larger and more easily accessible communities.

This obviously means the casualties of small communities not shielded by the Charities, from the ravages of poverty and disease, will rise. These are largely remote communities that require a lot of expenditure to get to and much more to maintain some steady form of assistance. These remote communities struggled to survive before the Global Recession, and are now seeing the results of having any assistance they were receiving disappear. There is little or no help in the form of medical supplies, clean drinking water and sanitary conditions. Education exists only in the ether for these people and their children.

The reason I reflect on the plight of these communities is solely to identify the causes, so that we may shine the light of common sense and reason on the path forward. This recession, which intensified what was an already bleak situation for these communities, was caused by the greed of Wall Street and the incompetence and lack of concern by the now disgraced former American President, George W Bush, during his 2000 to 2008 debacle as president. I say disgraced because one just needs to look around now, at this present moment, to see what is left one year after his disgraceful performance at the helm of the good ship USA.

One does not have to wait on history, fifty or one hundred years from now, as is suggested by the more daft and foolish among us, to see what kind of disastrous results Bush and his supporters have unleashed on an unsuspecting world, all for the few to enrich themselves, while the hateful among that group espoused their rhetoric and satisfied their hunger to suppress that which they did not Christian-ly like, or should I say what they abhorred due to their misguided religious fanaticism.

This religious fanaticism entails the abolition of any and all rights that they had the opportunity to remove while Bush was in office.

Gay people, non abstinent teens,immigrants with varying degrees of legal status, pregnant women needing abortions, the sick and dying who could be helped by embryonic stem cell research, home owners who were duped to take bad mortgages and then wrongly blamed for it, the poor souls who did not qualify as "Americans who deserved to live" in the Katrina catastrophe, thousands of honorable lost soldiers who died in Bush's fake war, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people who have died from Bush's fake war, tens of thousands of our soldiers suffering with PTSD from Bush's fake war, tens of thousands of our brave soldiers gravely wounded in combat in Bush's fake war, untold numbers of our female soldiers and female contractors assaulted and raped in Iraq in Bush's fake war, millions of foreclosed homeowners, millions of unemployed and so many others are all victims of Bush and his supporters' greed.

To this end I have written the book titled "Shock and Awe on America"

It is currently being edited and will be available in a few weeks.

What is just as shocking as the atrocities committed by Bush and his supporters, is the blatant misdirection that America as a whole, is subjected to by religion. Religion is the largest money generating scheme in the world. It has been this way for thousands of years, and Pharaohs, Kings and Emperors have all tried and failed to control this beast, settling instead to peacefully co-exist until the timely or sometimes untimely demise of each. Religion lived on, and it's fanaticism has remained strong and ever determined to not be undersold by any other party, be it business or royalty.

Religion as a whole, including any and all religions, is the perfect business, as they have no tangible product to manufacture, so all of the proceeds go back into reinvestment in all areas, from the upkeep of the collectively largest real estate empire in the world, to the salaries of the largest workforce in the world, and all the expenses in between. It's original purpose has now become non-existent and religion is now just a prosperous and well oiled machine. The ideas which carried millions of impoverished and tortured souls through time have now become just baseless and unprovable talking points, used to garner more support and more donations, without the desired result of having one's soul "saved" as it did not need "saving" in the first place.

Coming out of the age of ignorance, and seizing the opportunities to technologically and civilly advance, a select number of us understand that some form of an untouchable tool was needed by the peasantry, thousands of years ago. Untouchable meant not able to be eradicated by the Kings and sword wielding soldiers of the time; a mental figment of the imagination being the perfect "holy" ghost. I'm sure that no one thought that thousands of years after, and with all this progress and technology, some circles of modern man would still believe in magical Gods and magical Devils and Demons.

Just a quick flick of your TV remote on a Sunday morning, brings up a vast array of hymn singing people caught in the throes of the power of prayer, and some quite energetic and ingenious preaching and "healing" by a cadre of fine and ferociously vociferous clergy, who all "possess" the "inspired" means and intelligence to espouse the almost identical "word of the lord" even though they all belong to different denominations and different religions, which oppose each other in so many ways.

One religion does not eat this meat, the other does not eat that. One does not use idols but still uses statues, rituals, oils, wines and other items, while the other uses something else to make it look as though their ancestors did not all copy from each other when they were inventing their respective religions all those years ago.

Obviously there are glaring and inarguable parallels that allude to the fact that they all copied from the most delusional kid in the class. Mind you, back then this kid was apparently the smartest they had, and his "demons" was just what they needed. When their respective homework is read, one can plainly see that the minor differences do not hide the fact that all the modern religions came from the one delusional idea this kid had. There were actually many before him, so I guess he copied from others too and no one really knows when religion was first invented.

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  1. Great article. I agree with everything you said. I also wrote a book about Christian fundamentalism, which is so un-Christlike it seems to be "antichrist!"

    Maybe certain "Christians" dont know that Christ is the root word of Christianity because the vowel sounds are different.