Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These lying, thieving....

WTF? I received this recently...

"Dear E-mail Account Owner,

You have been awarded the sum of US$720,000 (seven hundred and twenty thousand dollars) from our just concluded February 2010 Lottery Draws. We rolled out over 10,000.000.00 (10 million e-mails) to mark the 2010 Anniversary Draws, and winners were randomly selected from the World Wide Web Database of individuals and companies who either have played a lottery game in their home country and did not win, registered for an on-line lottery game and did or did not complete their registration process, who also have entered for coupons either by buying tickets or shopping in any registered mall or supermarkets in their country. This game has been designed to benefit those individuals who have never had the opportunity of winning any Lottery games or Coupon in their country. 

You emerged one of our lucky winners from the 4 winners in this edition. To claim your prize immediately contact our prize verification/release officer with your (i) Name (ii) telephone number (iii) Contact Address (iv) Occupation (v) Age (vi) Nationality and quote file reference number 4231091-AE;

Name- Mr. Adel Tamin or 

Congratulations once again from the MIDDLE EAST LOTTERY PROGRAM 2010"

Well folks, I can't tell you how happy I was to learn that I won all this moolah....until I realized that this must be some kind of a hoax...because no one in their right mind would give me large sums of money without expecting me to respond with weird sexual favors...which I must admit I will be ok with doing if the money is the meantime my friends...please be aware of the scams...but feel free to forward it to any Repuglickers in your contacts...


  1. Damn, I have my spam filter set to blast those emails into the stratosphere...look at what I am missing! ;)

  2. Yeah, some elderly lady missionary whose husband recently died in Nigeria wants me to help get her money back to the States.

  3. Shoot!
    I was gonna say... If you did win all that money, I'd be willing to do some sexual favors for you. You know.. for some cash of course. That is, if you want a 40 year old Mother of 4 doing sexual favors... :P


  4. LOL LOL! I get these all the time. I responded to one of them and became wealthy almost overnight. Best thing I ever did :-) :-)

  5. It's a wonder they didn't ask for your bank account number so they could deposit the money right into your account, I've gotten that kind before. Sadly some stupid people respond to them! Glad you aren't one of those Teeluck! Dubai is also a redflag to delete immediately!

  6. I only have one more check to send them to cover paperwork then I'll get my check for 10 million from Mr. Motombo of Nigeria. Then all of you can kiss my ass goodbye!

  7. Truth! LOL! you always were a trusting soul...

  8. Notice that while they're supposedly interested enough in you to give you $720,000, they don't know your name. They address you as "dear email account holder." Yeah, sure.

    Go along with this and you'll be beckoned to a Web site where your PC will get the real payoff: viruses, trojan horse programs and other nasties. And while they're at it, they will get your passwords and any financial info on your PC.

  9. Dusty, I thought I had good spam filters too but I think Dubai is just doing a higher level of spamming than Nigeria.

    Beach, you bad Democrat you...If you were a good Repuglicker you would send money to that poor old lady....a missionary even...shame on you

    Laura you sly fox just want my money

  10. Mike, you wealthy man...I need a loan bro..

    Sue, Dubai is fitting...and expected, because isn't that the new base of Halliburton and Cheney?

    Truth, Mr. Motombo asked me to tell you to send the check to me instead because I can process it for him more quickly...and If you send it within the next 24 hours we can give you a free trip to Sunny Florida! Act Now!

  11. SW, they only have my best interest at heart...they do know my name, they just want me to verify that I am Teeluck...then they will be so happy to give me the best gifts I ever got...they love me...

  12. But I think some of these e-mail offers are valid.

    I have something in my in-box right now that I'm considering. I might win a huge sum of money, and all they need is my Social Security number, Mastercard account number and my Blogger password.

    I think I'm gonna do it. Sounds like everything is on the up and up, don't you think?

  13. Tom Harper, it sure looks like up and up all right, right up our asses....painfully, lol

  14. Well, I reckon Dubai can afford better spammers than Nigeria...

    LOL, yeah, I'm with you, for the money, I'd do the "favors" too :)

  15. I find it ironic that the senders claim to be from an established bank or government but then give their return e-mail address showing a hotmail, aol, or some other non-corporate e-mail account.