Monday, March 22, 2010

Pedophile Priests pretending pure piety....priviledged prim proper pricks

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The Great Catholic Cover-Up

The pope's entire career has the stench of evil about it.

By Christopher Hitchens

Posted Monday, March 15, 2010, at 10:20 AM ET

Pope Benedict XVI On March 10, the chief exorcist of the Vatican, the Rev. Gabriele Amorth (who has held this demanding post for 25 years), was quoted as saying that "the Devil is at work inside the Vatican," and that "when one speaks of 'the smoke of Satan' in the holy rooms, it is all true—including these latest stories of violence and pedophilia." This can perhaps be taken as confirmation that something horrible has indeed been going on in the holy precincts, though most inquiries show it to have a perfectly good material explanation.

Concerning the most recent revelations about the steady complicity of the Vatican in the ongoing—indeed endless—scandal of child rape, a few days later a spokesman for the Holy See made a concession in the guise of a denial. It was clear, said the Rev. Federico Lombardi, that an attempt was being made "to find elements to involve the Holy Father personally in issues of abuse." He stupidly went on to say that "those efforts have failed."
He was wrong twice. In the first place, nobody has had to strive to find such evidence: It has surfaced, as it was bound to do. In the second place, this extension of the awful scandal to the topmost level of the Roman Catholic Church is a process that has only just begun. Yet it became in a sense inevitable when the College of Cardinals elected, as the vicar of Christ on Earth, the man chiefly responsible for the original cover-up. (One of the sanctified voters in that "election" was Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, a man who had already found the jurisdiction of Massachusetts a bit too warm for his liking.)
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We have all seen the stories of Pedophile Priests and the damage they have caused and continue to cause. This is an issue that goes back as far as the Early Churches and their rules and attempts to curb the appetites of they clergy and indeed their congregations. There is no surprise that we see time and time again the scandals unfold where the church is the center of rape, sodomy and worse, as they continue to play their shell games of "Find the Pedophile Priest." It is a game that has gone on for their enjoyment since the inception of the Christian Church as early laws were made to stem it's popularity. I honestly think that any God would be angry at this and any Church that fears their Gods  would not encourage it by harboring these sick people. This by itself leads me to believe that the Church is saying to us that they know... by their actions...that there are no Gods to fear and religion is just a hoax.


  1. The master of the nine word alliteration strikes again.

    Boorish Benedict bashes Bill's Bishop before Barbara beams broadly.

  2. Holte, LOL!

    Tee: I can't remember where I read it, but there was a letter written, sometime during the dark ages, where a father was warning his young daughter, about to enter a convent, about those lecherous priests.

    That was over 1,000 years ago, and they still have the same problems. Pretty pathetic, I'd say.

  3. Holte, thank you, I saw your handiwork on MMA...good stuff

    Bee, and I was just about to join the church....not!

  4. More bell-ringer stuff from the inimitable Mr. Hitchens. Now THAT is a guy who I could listen to all day (and, yes, I'm sure he'd be willing to oblige me LOL)

  5. I (and I'm sure you, too) didn't agree with him on the war, though. As bad as Saddam Hussein was (the gassing of the Kurds, etc.), numerous better options were available.

  6. Will, Yea, Mr Hitchens does know his stuff, I recently read his latest book, God is not Great...good read.

  7. The waves of accumulating scandal hitting the roman catholic church will look a mere trifle compared to the 'perfect storm' that is shortly coming. For these growing, worldwide sexual scandals and endemic institutional corruption, having destroyed virtually any remaining 'moral' authority or presumption to understand human nature, are just setting the stage for the 'churches' worst nightmare: the questioning of it's very origins! And that has already begun on the web. Not by any atheist ravings, but with first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the Gospel/moral teachings of Christ. Redefining all primary elements including Faith, the Word, Law, Baptism, the Trinity and the Resurrection. This is not reformation but revolution. We may very well come to 'remember' the church as two thousands years of hubris, intellectual, theological self deception, retailing a counterfeit copy of revealed truth. Check it at:  

  8. Having been brought up Catholic and since left the church... I'm sick, sick, sick of 'em.

  9. Klatu, welcome, you are right that the church is crumbling into the sand upon which it was built...and out of the ashes the truth about the false and hidden faces of all the world's religions will be revealed.

    Karen, religion is the greatest lie in the world, I am happy that you saw the truth of these evil doers.

  10. BeneDICK is far more worried about Africans with condoms than he ever will be about what his brother's been up to. Such is the way with the "moral" Catholic Church.

  11. JR, so true...we are living in a new world where contraception prevents their decisions to restrict condoms actually kill people, and they tell us they believe in a God...liars.

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  13. I, too, am a recovering Catholic. I have so many stories to tell about their hypocrisy. Suffice it to say that the Catholic Church--as an organization--has no moral authority. None.

    Individual Catholics and charitable organizations still are admirable for what they try to do desprite the criminals in Rome.

    And they are criminals.

    Pope John Paul II excommunicated a nun years ago for promoting the idea of allowing women to serve as priests. He was fast off the mark on that one. Who's been excommunicated in the raping of hundred of children by Catholic priests?

    Anyone know?

  14. Tee: join the church? What the hell would you want to do that for? (snark alert off). Church = waste of a perfectly good sunday morning.

  15. They really need to reassess this whole "birth control is a major sin" nonsense, too. I mean, we've got people starving in the streets now, for Christ!

  16. I am a sympathizer of SNAP. We told our new parish priest that if he wanted to break his celibacy vows, he could do it with a consenting adult, or any number of farm animals, and we would look teh other way. But if he touches our children, we will not prosecute, we will geld. Our bishops do not protect the children, but we will. When my grandmother dies I can stop going to church. I am Sharon From Wisconsin, sorry to post anonymously, but I couldn't any other way.

  17. Mike, you are so right, their faith is unfortunately in their confidence of being able to cover up their crimes...

    Shaw, I work with some religious groups and they are for the most part well meaning, good souls...but then again...this shit starts at the who knows what the hell goes on behind closed doors

  18. Bee, Sundays are a perfect time to nurse a hangover, why waste it on church? lol

    Will, great point...this abstinence-only and no birth control thing did not work for half of Texas or even Sarah Palin and her WTF

  19. Sharon, Welcome, I am with you, we are the ones who are responsible for the well being of our children, I have two teens myself, so I know what I will do if they are messed with...I have a new book coming out on Amazon in April, titled Shock and Awe on America, in it I take on organized religion head-on and I discuss the advantages of spiritual ways...this is a book your Grand Mother should read as it respectfully outlines what she will encounter after her passing and how to relate to old age and is better that people know the truth about life after death so they do not look for a false religious "Heaven" that isn't there. My apologies for the posting problems you encountered, I am new to the blogosphere and probably need to do some tinkering with the blog, please let me know if it continues so I can get it fixed.

  20. I left the Catholic church after the Priest that baptized not only me but 2 of my 4 children, was charged with sexual abuse. Unfortunately, he passed away before justice could be served.
    My husband still goes and because it's important to him, our children go to Catholic school.

    Too bad this isn't just going on in the Catholic Church. It's everywhere. My oldest niece currently has the Mormon church by the balls.
    I in no way agree with what she's doing but, she is basically blackmailing them (being paid off BIG TIME) to keep her trap shut about sexual abuse she suffered as a girl. 7 other women came forward at the same time about the same man. As the other women are still in the church, I assume they are either being paid off or intimidated into silence.
    Who knows..

    The quicker people come to realize that organized religion is nothing but a smoke screen for these horrible abusers (in all ways not just sexual) the better. My sister and her husband (and kids) are Mormon and he's the boss lemme tell ya! My sister is just a nothing.


  21. Laura, I am so sorry and outraged to hear about your niece and sister...this is exactly why religion is the wrong way in life...I am speechless...and that does not happen often. Be supportive, that is as much as you can do without getting them in trouble...