Monday, May 17, 2010


I got this in my email...beware...

Dear Friend,

I know this may come as surprise and sceptic to you. My Name is Mr. Zaki Ahmed, I am one of the officials in the Energy management board in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
We had a contract with Denmark through the Burkina Faso Danish Cooperation, which was signed on the 4th of June, 2009 on the Electrification of the Urban centres, offices and rural dwellers. The project has been executed, you can check on the website.

But, the main issue of contacting you is to intimate you that during the award of this contract, a few of my colleagues and l had inflated the amount of this contract and the OVER- INVOICED is being safeguarded under our custody.

However, we have decided to transfer this sum of money, thirty million Us dollars ($30million Us Dollars) out of this Country for disbursement. Hence, we seek for a reliable,honest and not greedy foreign partner whom we shall use his or her account for transferring the fund. And we agreed that the account owner shall benefit 30% of the total amount of money, 65% is for us here, and 5% will be used for miscellaneous expenses during the transfer.

If you are capable to handle the transaction without hitches and flaws, then we have confidence in the business and a risk free transfer from our side.
Please, make it TOP SECRET and avoid every channel of implicating us here thereby endanger our career.

Therefore, if you will not be able to handle it,please hold on your peace for our sake we are public servants. I pray to God for his providence for a smooth transfer, so that our retiring soon or later will be a better and blissful retirement life, as such we are very cautious towards actualising this noble venture. It can also be a once in life opportunity for you, because l know that we are going to see face-face, preferably come down to Burkina Faso and verify on the claim on the said amount of money in the bank. Besides, to discuss business and investment in your country at large, and thereafter sit together to decide on the means of transferring.

Do contact me immediately for more detail and clarifications.

Please, time is no longer on our side and hope to read from you urgently.

Zaki Ahmed.

zaki Ahmed (


  1. Please is to allow me to except your kind intimate of offer. If I may embellish you with my social security number and bank account number for which you can enable to undertake this transaction.

  2. You do have an honest face Teeluck. Send me your bank information please. I know I can trust you.

  3. damn these people are so stupid to think Americans are that stupid! You need a spam-fighter thingy installed Tee!!

    BTW, don't trust Truth, I did and got screwed, bigtime!! ;-)

  4. Heh heh heh.

    Keep up the good work Sue. Soon my reputation will exceed even Tiger Woods'.

  5. Tom Harper, Its been nice knowing you, but I'll be rich by next week so Taa :)

    Truth...wasn't that you I sent it to last week? Uh oh...

  6. Sue, the spam fighter is not needed, because thay approached me last month on facebook and told me they had some astonishing family news...

    Truth, hey, with twenty women screwing around with him...I would love to be like Tiger...I think I'll name my next kid Tiger in reverence of him...I can't even get one chick to be with me, lol.

  7. Tee you cutie patutie, you must have tons of woman knocking down your door!

    Facebook is dangerous....

  8. Sue...(Blush Blush) you are a sweet talker, lol