Monday, May 10, 2010


The Elders remember the old days...before Muhammed...before Jesus...before Moses...even Abraham...there were SIXTY MILLION of them when the killers came...and murdered over 59 Million of them...

How Sad and Ironic that they now cry foul...that the Mexicans who owned the land they now call Arizona are illegally there...They tried to strip the Native American of his connection with his Universe, with his spirit...they tried to rip away his pride...they failed. Look...he is still here.


  1. Many of us have said it for years.My father's tribe was back and forth across the Rio Grande.As Indians spread thru the Americas they passed thru North America.So a few head north to provide for their families? And worse are those European immigrants who recently arrive, and say they did it the "right way" which means they showed up Caucasian.

  2. I shudder to think what was destroyed...along with the Native population...
    This is ten times larger than the Holocaust and you don't hear much about it...why?

  3. Why? BEcause, dawg forbid we teach the whippersnappers what really happened when great great mom and pop decided to load up on the Oregon Trail and move the fam out west.

    I got a kick out of the Kelly Clarkson/Greenday mix, btw :) I totally dig your playlist!

  4. Bee, you are so right, and they would even deny it in the face of they are constantly trying to rewrite said history...
    Thank you for diggin' my vibes...

  5. I am definitely in favor of liberalizing immigration laws, allowing more of these Mexican laborers entrance, etc.. But, in my opinion, it has to be done in a far more systematic way. In this era of massive drug violence and terrorism (60 Minutes did a piece on how Al Qaeda is eyeing the Mexican border as a point of entry), I don't think that it's the worst thing in the world to know who's coming here.

  6. Actually, somebody IS controlling the border. ms-13.