Sunday, May 23, 2010

Racism? Segregation? Ever heard of it Rand??? Sarah???

This is really good journalism by Rachel...

Racism by any other name smells just as much



How can he say he is not racist or have racist views???
Is he understanding what he is really advocating?
I do not think so, and the Bell-Weather I use for many things is to ask one question..."WWSD, what would Sarah do?" Obviously anything she says or does you go the other that end, yesterday, Sunday 5/23, she unequivocally agreed with Rand and his rantings...leading me to run in the opposite direction and conclude they are both wrong as hell.
Sarah has now changed her Shrill Baby Baby Drill chant to "Domestic Extraction of Resources"...shit, intelligence with this lady does resemble the mismatched picture of lipstick on a pig...WTF


  1. Rachel took him for a wild ride. He won't get back on that horse for a while.

  2. He can run, but he can not hide.

    He and his comments tell me more about the sheep, than the shepherd.

    Look into his eyes. There is no life in his eyes. Just cold calculations.

  3. Holte, she is a real journalist...I am proud to have been indoctrinated into American Politics eight years ago by her and Marc Maron.

  4. RZ, great link! Thank you.

    I think with being named after Ayn Rand, the poor bloke could do no better...he is messed up for life...

  5. RZ is right, those libertarian/rethugs are cold and heartless. They are like cold tin soldiers.

    Rachel does a superb job, I hope she continues to investigate all there is to know about this Rand dude before November! Those like him make my skin crawl!

  6. Sue, I shudder to think how bad this country could get under their control.

  7. I have heard these statements before from my libertarian economics professor, and while on paper, it seems to make sense, after all, what business would want to write off a segment of the population, and in essence, a chunk of their profits just to advance their ideas of racial superiority, but as Rand, Stossel, Palin, or anyone else who defends the statements from the right seem to forget, businesses didn't seem to have a problem denying people based on race in the past, and eliminating portions of the Civil Rights Act isn't going to create a post-racial society...

    Taking into consideration the complaints coming from the right regarding Arizona's immigration legislation, they have no problem allowing a state create laws when they feel the Federal government isn't doing enough, but when the states weren't doing enough to stop discrimination, the Federal government stepped in, and now these hypocrites are all upset...

    These clowns are pathetic. Were have all the principled Republicans gone?

  8. Kevin, they left the party after bush's tenure.
    These tea baggers are the new crowd, far right and far far gone...mentally.

  9. Shit, we need to make Rand feel comfortable and get him talking as freely as possible again. I'm sure his handlers are training him to do the Doublespeak spin, cloaking his words slightly so people will ignore him.

    For the likes of Rand the best thing is to have them in the open and talking so they can be exposed.

  10. Beach Bum, that is exactly right, have them in the open so all can see their hypocrisy and idiocy.