Sunday, July 18, 2010

America Dumbing Down?

What does author Ashley Merryman, Harvard Musicologist Aaron Berkowitz and Two term President of The National Academy of Sciences and Editor-in-chief of Science Magazine Bruce Alberts have in common? They were all found in one place at one time…the place being The Charlie Rose Show, the time was July 15 2010. They were all there, along with Charlie, to discuss the declining state of American education.

Ashley told us of a Mr. Johnathan Plucker who, while in China discussing the differences between the American and Chinese education systems and approaches to teaching, spoke about our turning away from our traditional curriculum and methods of teaching and the embracing of the new “No child left behind” method. He explained this in some detail and when his words were translated into Chinese, he was indeed surprised and confused when everyone started laughing at what he said. When he inquired as to why they were all laughing, he was told that America is adopting the old Chinese methods of teaching while they are vigorously pursuing the old and traditional ways of American teaching.

This old American method being the art of using Divergent and Convergent thinking, letting the students gather “tactile” experience by actually taking learned knowledge and applying it in the field, thereby using the challenges given, to formulate solutions in a real and applicable manner, as opposed to just learning a bunch of facts and not being able to use and impliment them in the field…commonly known as Rote Learning.

Rote learning was looked upon by Mr Alberts as a retardant way of teaching. Rote learning is a learning technique which avoids understanding of a subject and instead focuses on memorization.
I may add my own two cents here and also include the adoption of teaching Creationism in the classroom, as anything other than a history lesson in Religious Activism and delirium gone wild, as also a retardation of the progressive education process and a throw back to the Neanderthal era. We shall soon have the students worshiping fire and images of Jesus on slices of pizza, to the delight of their delirious teachers and parents.

I can only come up with one example when thinking of the extended results of our current Rote Learning system, and that is to offer the image of George Dumbya Bush. He , in my honest opinion is the perfect outcome, of that type of non-intelligent, ” lack of thinking ” old Chinese Communist educational process of do as you are told by the Maoists…or die.

Welcome to America 2010.


  1. Hmm without getting to much into it, not only is our education system antiquated but it's destroying the Country. First of all it doesn't work. That can be verified through numbers.
    Our fix is to through money at the problem while expecting different results. (rather nutty)
    Most people I know are losing their homes because of property taxes and Not mortgage.
    The cost of maintaining school buildings, buses,teachers,maintenance workers,and utility's.
    I think I know one answer to the problem, but it's something that should be brainstormed. I know there's a better way.

  2. Thanks for the reporting, Tee!

    I can't stomach old Charlie's blather anymore and rarely watch.

    I needed that laugh.

    And it's interesting that something most of us realized 10+ years ago has now made it as the subject of his show.

    Will wonders never cease!

    Love ya,


  3. The war between the dumb and enlightened and intelligent has been going on since language was invented. Until Reagan was elected I thought the enlightened and intelligent were winning. Other than a stalemate during the Clinton years, I think the dumb are now winning.

    This would make for a great essay Teeluck. I wish I'd thought of this. I hope you put your talent to work on this. I'd look forward to reading your assessment.

  4. Hey Tim, you are correct, the numbers do show we are on a slide downward. I would be really interested to hear that answer you have.

  5. Suzan, wonders indeed! I don't know where we will end up but it certainly looks like a bumpy ride.
    Love you too :)
    Stop by Mad Mikes sometime, a lot of us are there too.

  6. Truth, like you I also thought we were on the up and up, but alas, now I think we are losing steam quickly. I guess I better learn to speak Chinese because that could be the country who calls the shots in a few years.
    Essay? I thought I did it already, lol. I do not think my journalistic skills are of the caliber needed for a more professional analysis, lol.

  7. Hay, whats this about dumming down of America? I wotch Foks News and they dont think wear dum. Your just a liberul eleetist.