Monday, July 26, 2010

The Battle Has Begun...

I have seen the underbelly of Corporate Media. It is now a different animal than it was 40 years ago. Someone told me yesterday that the “News” part of XXX News may last at best two more years before it is gone into the ether…and I will have to find another job, but that is beside the point. Over the last 10 years I have seen the changes happening in my own “Organisation” as the others…CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC etc…even Fox to some extent. The fact is they are all reducing their “News” aspect in exchange for “Infotainment”

This is the New World of reporting and it will spread Globally. I have seen News stories that people worked on for weeks get cut because of this or that Advertiser who wanted another story instead. That happens more than you know around election time. The surprising thing to most that the Right Wing has a bigger say than people realized is really the norm that has been happening over the last Decade, it’s just that most people in the public did not know it, but I and many others saw it develop over the years.

Ok, in this present day, this is the story…Most of the Media houses are really run by Conservative Executives who say what will Air and What wont. In my News house, it has always been the unspoken wink and nod knowledge that this is how things are run. We see the filtering out of the “real news” and the substituting of “slanted stories” by the boys “upstairs”. So do not expect any change or swing to the left, when it comes to real reporting and Journalism. The reality is that apart from the few who are on CNN and MSNBC, which amounts for 10% of Left leaning or unbiased reporting, the rest is just cloaked Right Wing Propaganda machines.

This phenomena has been increasing for decades…them getting the right wingers to run the Executive Boards at major Media Companies…and Wall St. too I might add, so the question and truth of the matter is…who will be the frontline of truth in the face of this 90% of Right wing media bias? The answer my friends is US. We the people who make up the Blogosphere. We are the new frontline and we need to become aware of it. I have seen and the proof that I am not mad is the fact that hundreds in my company (XXX NEWS) have also seen it.

Over the last two years they have been cleaning house and has offered buy-out packages to most of the news and related departments, including camera men, audio, technicians etc…who are the little guys, this has already been done to Producers, editors and the like, months ago. Many who are “kept” to run the operations are curiously in my opinion…”company men”…right wing white men obviously…a few right wing women too of course. The objective being to eventually get rid of the “News” operations departments altogether and just have a right wing media blanket over the whole country. There are not many of us left…over 1500 of us in the NY location have already been “bought out” ….fired in my opinion.

So yes, what you see is now what you get, there is almost no middle of the road reporting anymore…save for us, the new frontier…the frontline…bloggers for democracy…US. Lets take on the fight, because there is no one else to. As an after thought, please be aware that this is a real fight, and the right wing media will come after us with both barrels blasting…this is only the beginning of the war…and we are the enemy. You have all seen that they have been taking over the Media…Radio, TV, Electronic and printed for a long time now, well it is out in the open now…unfortunately we only have a 10% presence in the “White Man’s Media”…and they are beginning to push…hard, against us. They are going to come at us from all angles, they are buying up the Newspapers, Publishing Companies, and their online presence is massive and growing.

What we saw with Sherrod is only a reaction and reflection of what the White House already knows. The White House knows about this right wing media hold on the country and it is engrained in the executive boards of MOST companies. So yes they did try to get a jump on the issue and someone decided to have her fired, but the story is much bigger and runs deeper than that unfortunately.

They have the White House on edge, as well they should be, because the stakes are high, and the country as we knew it…not know it…hangs in the balance. So prepare yourselves my blogger friends…we are no cowards and we have a fight at hand…lets take them on! I say FUCK EM!


  1. It's a good thing there are the voices who deny the right wing myth of "liberal" media and speak the truth of corporate media.

    This is what is all goes back to.

  2. Tee
    I know you know when all this bullshit started. Reality being what it is, brings us to the present.
    Your right my friend, we have to unite as one. A large voice to contend with. No doubt a fight is coming. Hell we're already throwing punches.
    Something to consider, we unionize. We become strong. Instead of a few, we will become many.
    Next we have to fight and bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Hell for spite we can call it the Reagan Reform of Media Act. It sure would confuse them. Believe me, that's the one thing their afraid of more than Black Men. Just my two cents and a wish...

  3. Tee what you are saying here is really frightening. The conservative wingnut bloggers truly believe Fox is a truthful and top notch news station, leaps and bounds above all the others. They believe viewers of CNN and MSNBC are flocking to Fox because of their trustworthiness and expert "journalists". One of those wingnuts told me so today...

    We must NEVER stop getting out the message. Fight on friends, FIGHT!!

  4. Dave, we the people are not delusional...only the right wing are.

  5. Tim, you are on to something there, lets explore this more please.

  6. Sue, This really is happening and it must be met with all the resistance we can muster. They have hidden it for too long and they have a huge lead, but the internet is our weapon of choice...and this is our sword with which we will defeat them, as they pray to their magic man in the sky...


    Lob it over their bow!

  8. That's right Bee, we are up for the fight!

  9. I'm digging what you're saying Teeluck. The blogger I most respect has said virtually the same thing.

    You can't fight alone. I tried and got the hell kicked out of my by my community's well funded and advertised local online news source.

    WE need every one in our community on the same page and ready to attack like mad dogs anyone who attacks us or our ideals.

  10. I try and catch the news on BBC America sometimes and when I do I am always surprised at what is not reported here in the United States. It has long since moved out of the curious and into the scary, we are nothing but sheep.

  11. Truth, My brother, when you fought the last time, that was only one are back again to finish the WAR...and this time you brought reinforcements!! So fuck 'em! We Fight!! Together!

  12. Beach, I remember the days before color television. We lived in the Caribbean and my father had a short wave radio which we used to pick up BBC, and since that time, I have been listening to them and their news has always been up to score. America has always been a propaganda machine, I've known that since the 1960's, it's funny how nothing has's also funny that now I find myself in the middle of it, the battle still raging and we find ourselves collectively surrounded by the flames of hell!! Fight on brother, together we shall have no defeat!! Let us help this President to win against them because the alternative is Sarah Palin and pure evil.