Friday, July 23, 2010

The Death Of Arizona.

I saw something on CNN yesterday, July 22 2010 which showed an ugly side of the Arizona Immigration battle that many do not know. Mesa Arizona is dying and the effect is spreading outward, because the life blood is seeping away...Mesa is being bled dry. Since the Immigration debacle started, it is estimated that over 100,000 undocumented persons have left Mesa, and right after, the documented business owners and even people born in America, started to leave as well. They could not stay because their businesses dried up.

The Immigration Activists first jumped for joy... Yeah! Bring on SB 1070!! just before they realized that they have shot themselves in the foot...the lost revenues from these undocumented persons are resulting in closed businesses. That is a great thing for some Activists...though they can't tell you why it is a good thing for Mesa Arizona because it is just turning the affected areas into wastelands. Yes they do not have an undocumented person in their eyesights, instead they have dozens of shuttered businesses that are or were owned by White Legal Americans and Colored Legal Americans. The only company the Activists now see around them, to share these sparse expanses of closed malls are...rats, mice, and roaches. Some of the malls are only missing the large tumble weeds to complete the stark picture. As the Activists pursue their checkered bounty of ridding the state of "Vermin" as the undocumented persons are sometimes referred to, they are being replaced by real Vermin...isn't that funny.
While all of this is going on, the state is forced further down the abyss of unemployment as "real" Americans are losing their base of customers who bought their various agreement between vendor and customer which resulted in the ability for them both to keep their heads above the financial waters, is gone. The loss of business means many business owners and the businesses that they in turn supported, retail and wholesale businesses, Car Dealerships, Furniture stores, Jewelry Stores, Food Stores, Hardware Stores, Clothing Stores, Supermarkets, Delis, Tire Shops, Carpet Stores and many more, are now breaking down and will remain broken and the areas they are located in are crumbling.

One thinks that if the Activists want this...then so be it, let them have it...but, I ask "At what Price?"
Even after they started to sabotage themselves and their communities with their "American" ambitions, they still complain that the "Colored" man in the White House is not doing the right things to help the unemployment situation in Arizona...a situation they are doing their best to increase. Immigration Activists are willingly stifling their communities for whatever reasons they support the laws they are trying to put forward, but it is apparent that the ultimate cost is the foolish demise of once great and productive communities, which in turn supported the other surrounding communities, so the destitution is and will continue to spread to neighboring areas. I know these Activists hold dear the important reasons why they are willingly stifling their communities and by extension, Arizona state, and I congratulate them on having such noble and sensible reasons, really I do.

Congratulations to you dear Activists, just don't call me when you go on unemployment and please don't accept my taxpayer monies when you lose your jobs as a result of your important reasons. OH and one other thing...stay in Arizona, we don't want any of you smart Immigration Activist people anywhere in our states. You are happy to Bankrupt your own state, goody for you...stay away from our states...there are "Brown" people here too...and they are productive members of our communities who pay sales taxes on everything they purchase and would love to pay income taxes if allowed.


  1. Hey Tee
    What lessons are to learned here. I think none.
    Why? because they refuse truth. It's obvious to me
    that People Like Jan Brewer are vile and narrow minded.
    Although to the rest of us it just proves our point.
    It's just to bad the reasonable people of Arizona must suffer because of egotistical Bigots. Maybe the lesson here should be, Elections have consequences.

  2. Tim, Yes that is the lesson, Vote the bastard Republickers out!!

  3. Don't forget this in the future. When you have legislation written and enacted by people with hatred and predjudice in their hearts, no good can come of it.