Saturday, June 23, 2012

Republicans' Dirty Little Secret About Soldiers and Border Patrol Agents.

Republicans have a secret. Their secret is - they know that there is no difference between a soldier's life lost in the service of their country and a border patrol agent's loss of life in service of his country. Both persons have tragically lost their lives while honorably serving their country but the republicans want you to think that one life lost was more significant than the other...that of the border patrol agent's. They pretend there is a difference and want you to be enraged about one loss more than the other, for their own selfish political gain.

The vociferous outcry over Fast and Furious is the new rave among republicans who are trying desperately to tarnish the Obama administration in the run up to the elections, using a brave and honorable Agent's name and circumstances in such a dishonorable way. They pretend that the loss of border patrol Brian Terry's life far outweighs the thousands of soldiers' lives lost in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. The proof of this is their unwillingness...their actions of not calling for similar investigations into the wars for the past ten years, that are responsible for the loss of thousands of our soldiers' lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Apparently that is acceptable to they all supported the wars in one way or another and don't lose any sleep over it now, as they pretend to do over Agent Terry's honorable sacrifice.

Their focus on the averagely 3% of guns crossing the border is also of more concern to republicans than the other 97% that cross the border, because this 3% has a definite tie to the White House, this is an intellectually bankrupt and glaring ploy by them to get their base riled up with misinformation and distraction from the real facts surrounding the Fast and Furious gun walking operation. They pretend to be concerned about the hundreds of Mexicans who lost their lives through some interaction with the 3% but they completely ignore the estimated 50 thousand Mexican lives lost since 2006, from the other 97% of guns smuggled across the border. They appear to be OK with that.

The fact is if the person who shot Agent Terry did not use a gun that was one from the Fast and Furious operation, we all know he would have grabbed one from the other 97% and still gone to work that day, resulting in the same occurrence that took Agent Terry's life in service to his country. It is still unclear if Agent Terry was shot by a Fast and Furious gun...from Yahoo/Reuters..."Two of those weapons were found at the spot near the Arizona-Mexico border where U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed during a shootout with illegal immigrants in December 2010. It was not clear, however, if those weapons fired the fatal shots."

Not only was it a crime for that shooter to take Agent Terry's life but it is also a crying shame that the republicans would use this incident to drag Agent Terry's name through the mud in an effort to sully the reputation of the Obama Administration. Agent Terry does not deserve the use of his name and stellar service in this dishonorable witch hunt that has nothing but a political motive behind it. Are the Republicans up in arms for the thousands of soldiers who lost and are still losing their lives in the wars? No, sadly they are silent...and OK with that as well.

What a shame that the republicans have stooped this low.

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