Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romney's Sham Bus Tour...

When the Clinton - Gore bus tour wowed the crowds in 1992, there was a startling difference to the now debunked and defunct Mitt Romney's 'Every Town Counts'  bus tour. Clinton and Gore actually rode their buses all the way.

By far the weirdest factoid to this little joke of a bus tour is the fact that Mitt did what any self respecting Queen of England would do...he flew an airplane to get to the various airports and then dressed in blue jeans and boarded the bus for a couple hours of photo ops to a few selected and prearranged stops. He then boarded his airplane and flew to the next airport on his bus route.  He is really a King in disguise... he is clearly above the humble subjects he hopes to lord over once installed as President. 

This was the report given to audiences of  Ed Schultz's radio show yesterday, by none other that John Nichols, a noteworthy reporter known for his old school 'fact before fiction' approach. Another bus tour fact is that while literally minutes away from a town that Bain Capital is said to have devastated with their kind of 'Reverse Robin Hood' tactics of robbing the poor to pad the bulging wallets of the rich, that town being Freeport Illinois, Romney did not let his bus tour go to that town.

This is a video being played in some of these devastated towns to highlight the damage being done by Romney's former company...

While the Clinton-Gore tour would stop and take questions from the crowd, this was not the way the Romney tour operated. Romney's tour was more scripted and planned so as to avoid any embarrassing issues like disgruntled townsfolk and  towns that were gutted and shut down by the likes of Bain Capital...who incidentally is still reported to be paying Romney millions.

Bain Capital is apparently still sending jobs to China, this is a move that Romney fully supports as he collects his portion of the profits and I don't hear him complain about their motives or methods. 

Jack Rice, stand-in host of the Ed show yesterday suggested that instead of the Romney theme of 'Every Town Counts', it should really be named the 'Some towns don't count' tour. Jack Rice and John Nichols  went on to say that Bain Capital, Walmart and other greedy corporations like them are the real culprits who are hollowing out the towns, devastating them and then sending the jobs to China. 

In short, Romney's bus tour is a sham, as is he...just pretending to know our pain while flying high above and looking down on us

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