Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your Quality Of Life vs A Couple Of Extra Bucks For The Rich.

Scott Walker's win in his recall election is a really bad sign for America. Say goodbye to your dreams and your kids' future. It shows that money is so powerful in America that any company or Foreign country could influence the outcome of elections here. Because of the crooked Citizens United decision by an undoubtedly biased Supreme Court, America's backbone; the middle class workers, were pitted against anonymous Global Billionaires, donors from companies in America and around the world... and possibly even hostile foreign parties. The money won, America lost.

It is no secret that there are many parties around the globe who wanted to have some way of destabilizing America and now due to the Supreme court's decision, they have gotten that wish. Scott Walkers win because of the 29 million dollars he was able to raise and spend against Tom Barrett's 3 million dollars, is proof. I know Bin Laden did not donate to Walker's election campaign, but I can't help wonder, which terrorist and terrorist organization did? Did Ahmadinejad donate anonymously to Scott Walker? Did Chavez or Castro donate to Scott Walker? We'll never know. 

This is their finest hour...America's enemies... as anonymity does have its rewards.

This is ultimately a quality of life issue for middle class Americans. The republicans have only one goal, no matter how they phrase it... destabilize the country by removing its protections for workers and the prize will be more profits from a cheaper labor force. This ultimately means America is headed for its final resting place, of becoming a Banana Republic. 

It is not too difficult to imagine a shirt made here, with the tag that reads "Made in The American Republic of China"... or some other country that comes to own us. Money is King now, people are just playthings of the global market...and of the court, the Supreme court.

For the American people who make up the working class, any change that the republicans succeed in making under the guise of 'Deficit Reduction" would result in a lessening of the quality of life that we have worked so hard to achieve.  Your child goes without school lunch and they get some more dollars to hide away in their foreign  bank accounts. Your 22 year old goes without healthcare and someone buys a new Ferrari with the savings, which reallt trickles down to them...who knew? Voodoo economics actually work...for the rich.

Ultimately republicans/conservatives/teabaggers are stripping away our basic rights, freedoms and necessities like healthcare, while over the years giving larger profits and lesser taxes to companies and the richest two percent of the country. This means lesser living wages for us and a few dollars more for the rich, a new car, a new mansion or a newer, larger pool for the summer home...of the rich. 

This is a twist on a famous writing by Martin Niemöller 
First they came for the Unions and I did nothing...
Next they came for the Women and I did nothing...
When they came for the sick and elderly  I did nothing...
They also came for the children and young adults and I did nothing...
They came for the Teachers and I did nothing...
Then they came for me...and there was no one to help me...

Fight America... Fight, for we have just begun...and so have they. Wisconsin is just the first domino to fall.

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  1. Nicely put together, T!

    And I agree, the fight has barely begun (considering the opposition).

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    Love ya,