Sunday, May 24, 2015

Black People Treated Like Dogs To The Slaughter, To Be Corralled, Controlled And Killed.

This is the worst title I could have thought of, and I am not going to defend the truth of it in any way... The police have to do that with their actions. The police have to defend their own records and thereby show that this abhorrent title deserves no quarter... because according to their actions, they operate as if Black people are less than human. 

Black people are not just innocent Lambs to the slaughter, they are now treated like Dogs to the slaughter, without even the human love and compassion afforded to real dogs. Everyone knows if you kill a dog you get more severe sentences than if you killed a black person. This is borne out in the court verdicts.

The actions over the past decades have shown that when the rubber meets the road, when it really mattered, the Police all over the country as a cohesive group, have let down the citizens of this great country. The police who have been charged to protect and serve, have instead corralled,controlled and killed the very individuals they were sworn to protect, the very victims whose taxes pay their salaries, the very victims whose kids play with their kids in kindergarden and attend the same schools.

Every week we see multiple killings of unarmed people who if nothing else, deserved the benefit of the doubt. Police justice is swift and uncompromising, better suited for a military grade action in a foreign country. The Police of today is not the domestic themed protector of the innocent civilian but they are more like an invading force led by Attila The Hun. My heart is heavy thinking of just who they mean to conquer.

The controversial verdict in Cleveland is the latest nail in Lady Justice's coffin. The verdict in favor of Officer Brelo's innocence in the shooting deaths of two unarmed civilians, is in the least a heart breaking one. 

Police officials would be quick to weigh their long history of defense and control of violent entities, against the charges that they have indeed long since lost sight of just who the real criminals are, and of their duty to protect civilians or just to profile and kill them without mercy. Sometimes it seems the war has changed from between the forces of Justice against the criminals, to just a war between Black and Blue, with no concern for the merits of the evidence when it reaches to court.

I have heard it said in defense of the Police that the public just don't understand the difficulty of the job. It is said that these killing tactics do not outweigh the need to have a Police force and if anything the Police is owed a debt of gratitude by the public.

I have also heard that being a Police Officer is not done by holding a draft, it is a job which is freely applied for by each and every individual. If an officer feels that they can't do the job properly, then it is a simple thing to quit, leave, retire, before someone gets hurt. 

It is a job that requires a lot from an individual and most if not all who join the Police, does so with the intention of repaying the community that loved and nurtured them in their younger years. 

There is no shame in realizing that the job is not for you, it is not a job for any and everyone to do, so get out while you are still ahead, before innocent life is taken.... become a priest, an engineer or a teacher. You will not be loved any less.

Let the Police defend their honor against the title of this post, because I certainly can't.

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