Friday, May 22, 2015

Dick Cheney's Pre-Iraq Video Interview Raises War Crimes Questions.

Well the title is correct and says it all. Dick Cheney was the Secretary of Defense during Operation Desert Storm, for President George H W Bush. After that Desert Storm operation, Mr. Cheney was interviewed and asked why did we not go the extra distance and capture Saddam Hussein. Mr. Cheney said quite confidently that if we were to capture Saddam, that would have created a power vacuum which would have been quite disasterous.

Mr. Cheney also pointed out that there were 146 American troops who died and to incur any more casualties while toppling Saddam's regime would not be feasible as Saddam was not worth additional American lives.

Fast forward to Operation Shock and Awe and it seems Mr. Cheney, now Vice President in 2003, thought that the price, which eventually proved to be losing over 4000 American soldiers and having tens of thousands wounded and having more than one hundred thousand suffer with PTSD was a good day at the park....that we 'won' the war somehow and it was well worth the price paid in blood and national treasure, to capture and topple Saddam. 

Knowing that his prediction of a fractured Iraq being shredded to pieces, by the 50 plus other radical entities like Al Qaeda that we knew of then, and also the neighboring countries as he mused in his interview, raises the question that he should be at least held responsible by the Haig, for all the events that happened since then as a direct result of Shock and Awe.

Knowing that this war would have brought the terrible results that Mr. Cheney predicted, he should not have allowed it... to do so is tantamount to mass murder. He shows that by going ahead with the war in such a non-chalant manner, while not considering the consequences and loss of human lives important enough, Mr. Cheney should be tried for war crimes.

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