Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chris Christie's Bridgegate Coverup Tactics Revealed By Barney Frank

While on a WNYC radio interview  on Thursday April 30th, Ex Congressman Barney Frank brought up an interesting detail that just blows Chris Christie's honesty about Bridgegate out of the water... Barney said in a nutshell... 'Christie makes his name as a tough prosecutor, he cracks crime, he gets to the bottom of it... Christie said that he called in his people who were accused of shutting down the bridge and he (non-chalantly) asked them if they had done it. They said no and he said (ok) that's it...'

Barney continues...' When Christie was a prosecutor and he questioned someone accused of a crime, did he ask 'are you guilty' and if they said no, was that the end of it?' You can listen to Congressman Barney Frank's interview below.

This exposes Christie's dishonestly intended play, to not ask the tough questions so as to not get the correct answers. He was purposely not a driving force behind the questioning, as his actions and results show... and his overflowing bounty of non-existent answers reveal.  He knowingly did not ask the right questions, knowingly did not get the correct answers and then knowingly did not come clean to the public in his almost two hour press conference. That word 'knowingly' will haunt him.

This gave Christie the temporary cover of having plausible deniability. A person in high office as Christie holds, is always tasked with having the honesty, integrity and goodwill needed, to conduct the peoples' business. This premis held true when he was the US Attorney representing the people and this holds true as a person now twice elected to the Governorship on his past presumed good record of honesty, integrity and goodwill on behalf of the people.

That tactic is often used by officials who do not want to appear as if their hands are dirty, be that as it may, it is not illegal but where Christie messed up was when he went to the public and pretended to have exercised due diligence in rooting out the truth from his pack of accused 'fighters in the trenches.'  
There was no 'honesty, integrity and goodwill' there. His team now appears to have been a pack of wolves.

These people were his team, they had his back on behalf of his responsibility to the people of New Jersey... the said people that he represented. In short, he misled the people into thinking that he had their backs... when in actuality he just had the backs of his pack of wolves in sheep's clothing.

What makes things even worse for Chris Christie is that not only did he knowingly mislead the people, but as a result he also knowingly misled the investigations being conducted. That is an even bigger issue, one of ethics, which may come back to bite him.

On May 1st 2015, David Wildstein pled guilty to two charges leveled against him and implicated two others of the pack, in the act. The other two being Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly. This from 'David Wildstein, a former senior Christie appointee to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy at a U.S. district court in Newark.
Prosecutors also unsealed a nine-count indictment against Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Bridget Kelly, a former deputy chief of staff to Christie. Among the charges are conspiracy and wire fraud.'
Here is a breakdown on what transpired in federal court on May 1st 2015, as David Wildstein pled guily to charges on WNYC radio. 
Wildstein has said previously, that he had himself told Chris Christie about the lane closings at the 9/11 memorial ceremony back in 2013 while 'Bridgegate' was happening.This story is reported on here at the website.

Now that David Weinstein has pleaded guilty to the charges, this shines the spotlight on Chris Christie to tell the truth about his earlier statements that he knew nothing at the time.... and question why he knew nothing as he did possess the prosecutorial skill and ability to get some answers from his staff when the initial charges were leveled at his office. 

Needless to say this 'Bridgegate' issue is a missile that has now blown Chris Christie's aspirations to become America's next POTUS out of the water.... that part of his legacy is now water under the bridge.

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