Friday, October 29, 2010

The Numbers Confirm Republicans Caused The High Unemployment.

The numbers are in and they do indeed confirm that the Republicans are responsible for and are the ones who caused the High numbers of Unemployment, which they are trying to blame the Democrats for. President Obama  alluded to the numbers on his Interview with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" recently.

The President explained that before he was sworn into office, more than 4 million jobs were lost at the hands of the Republicans, who have at many instances blamed it on their own policies while in office. The President said 750,000 jobs were also lost in the month he was sworn in, and as expected, the job loss rippled on, for some months after, citing the loss of 600,000 jobs each in the two months after. When the new policies started by the Obama Administration started to take hold, we did see the change and lowering of the job loss.

We have seen the Republicans try to dishonestly pin the blame of the job loss on the Democrats, something which simply shows what is inside their very beings, and I must say it is indeed a dirty trick for them to be doing this.

PolitiFact.Com is quoted as reporting, " Looking at BLS data on seasonally adjusted non-farm employment from December 2007, when the recession officially began, to January 2009, the month before the stimulus was enacted (a 25-month period), the jobs number declined by 4.4 million."

It is important to put the blame in the correct place so we can see the truth about the Republican Party and the lies they use to confuse the public and distract voters.

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  1. oh for sure, we know who is to blame for ALL our problems, but a segment of our population will never see the rethug party for what it truly is. I don't know the answers Tee. But I think having the thugs in power in the House might wake up the country to the good for nothings they are. We'll soon see won't we?!

  2. Sue, I like the idea of having the "Blind" ones taking a second dose of their own recession medicine, but I fear the Country can't take another hit like I don't want them near anything that resembles power. They will just sell it to the corporations for Campaign contributions anyway.

  3. "More truth" they forgot to tell you that this article was written by a democrat!!! Don't believe the hype, it's a sequel!!!

  4. INPUT you can check as well as they will confirm the above statement. But you are probably not interested in facts.

  5. Input, I imagine the ad homonem argument works in your circles, here, not so much.

  6. Bush was republican but the house and senate were Democrat by majority so why blame one man for the failings of the majority

  7. In my area, there was a proudly labelled "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" road project. They did a lousy job of it, working only a few hours a day (instead of the 24 hours a day to get the work done), and causing dangerous situations in traffic and also blocking businesses and homes. A small business, a pizza place, went under. How could they operate with lazy union "workers" having blocked the driveway? It's a wonder people weren't killed at the intersections because the lazy slobs took down the traffic signals and left them laying there for weeks.