Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama Palin Limbaugh Bush Family Picnic? does it again. They hit the political map in my opinion in 2007, when they revealed that Reverand Al Sharpton may be related to the late Segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond. I think they have truly broken the mold this time, with news that President  Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are cousins! They are 10th cousins through an ancestor by the name...John Smith.

The Huffington Post reports The President has also been pegged as being a 10th cousin once removed to the guy who has made no bones about wanting the President to fail in his attempt to put America on the path to recovery...Rush Limbaugh! They are related through a mutual ancestor, Richmond Terrell. President George W. Bush is also now revealed to be connected to Sarah Palin and President Obama, being ther 11th cousin.

It is also reported that Sarah Palin happens to be related to well known conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. They are all cousins through John Lathrop, a Church minister who came from England.

In 2009 it was revealed by that President Obama was related to Warren Buffett, who is his 7th cousin three times removed, and also is related to Brad Pitt who is his 9th cousin. President Obama is also related to Former Vice President Dick Cheney through Mareen Duvall, a 17th century immigrant from France, reports The Chicago Sun Times. reports ..."The ties run through Obama's White, Kansas-born mother's side of the family. Palin's tie to Obama is through early Massachusetts settler John Smith, a Protestant pastor in the 1670s. Smith's wife was the sister of one of the first governors of the Plymouth Bay colony, Thomas Hinckley. Hinckley's father, Samuel, is the familial link between Obama and Bush. Obama's and Limbaugh's common ancestor is Richmond Terrell, who settled in Virginia around 1656 and acquired a large amount of land."

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  1. this is tooooo funny! Has Limpy commented yet on his radio show??

  2. Hey Sue, I have to find out! lol

  3. So in a sense, all the furious rhetoric and namecalling flying back and forth is just a big loud family argument breaking out at the dinner table.

  4. We are, despite the idiocy of the brain dead, all of the same tribe of human primates. Most have not evolved beyond the animal instinct of flight, fright or fight, unfortunately. Thus we have FOX constantly triggering the reptilian brain core.

    Congrats on the book, buddy!

  5. Tom, that is apparently true:)

    Dave Thank you, primates we are...and some of more than the others? I suppose :)They have not evolved past Tax Cuts lol