Friday, May 13, 2011

America in Danger... Radiation is Here...Now !!

We are now in the thick of things...Radiation has been found in rainfall in New York since six weeks ago, when things were still good and we were still hopeful that the disaster may have been averted from an all out meltdown...six weeks ago ! The Radiation has also been found in Boston two weeks ago. The Radiation Elements in the Clouds had to cross the entire US from West to East, and is indeed now present in Rain on the East Coast. In short, the whole country is now getting contaminated with Radiation.

This is a video that is very telling...  by Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Associate Inc. This information is quite accurate and it is current. It really puts the conditions of the various Nuclear Reactors into clear focus.  

After watching the first video, you will now be wondering what is coming over from The Reactors in Japan, and where it is going right now...This is a look at the different Radiation elements coming over from Japan to America

Obviously the authorities in charge of the Nuclear Plant in Japan, TEPCO, has not been forthcoming with the truth... information about what is happening and in what quantities radiation is being found in Japan and around the World. 

We can suspect that the Various Governments around the World are each trying to keep a cone of silence on the whole affair as it affects their individual countries. Of course this is the age of the Internet so their attempts are futile...Get informed people, you and your children are being Contaminated...right now. 

There is a group of Religious Fanatics saying that May 21st 2011 is the end of the world...I don't believe this is true, but when you realize that your kids are being contaminated by Radiation right now...isn't that at least the Beginning of the end for us all?

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