Sunday, May 1, 2011

Careful...If You Are With Honda...

Up until yesterday, I was a very happy camper with Honda. I leased a Honda Ridgeline RTL Pick up, from Honda in 2005. When I got the vehicle the entire carpet was soaked, both the Salesman and I thought the Service Department may have inadvertently left one of the windows a bit down while washing the vehicle and preparing it for me. So he sent it back to the service department where they vacuumed it out and I was able to take it home. Boy was I happy!

The following week it rained and again the carpet became soaked. I promptly carried it Back to Honda where they diagnosed that there was a Manufacturer's defect under one of the front fenders and water was getting in. They promptly did the repairs and I was on my way. A few weeks later I noticed some minor rusting on a part and voiced my concern. This part was promptly replaced and I was able to speak to a manager because I had a 3 yr lease with the option to Buy it. The warranty was increased to 5yrs just in case I chose to keep the vehicle that long. 

It is now 5 yrs and the lease is becoming due, so I have the option of paying off for the vehicle or flipping it for a new one. I went in to a Honda Dealer in Queens New York because the Original Honda Dealer in Manhattan has since moved...and opened other dealerships, which I was referred to when I called the old number. This new Queens Dealership is a piece of work...

I went in and met a very cordial Salesman who went to the "Bosses" and got me a quote of $5200 down payment and a monthly payment of $398. after discussing differing payment options I left with the agreement that I would think about the original payment option and I shall return. 

Seven days later, yesterday, I returned after making all the arrangements to have my finances in place to drive out with a new vehicle...nothing doing...I was duly informed that the payment would now have to be $5600 down payment and a payment of $498 monthly. They said it was because they were down to only one more of that vehicle...yeah,sure you are...

Needless to say I spent hours with them trying to come up with a deal that would make some sense...but the deal was done...the trap was sprung...the hook found it's mark...their  glaring "Bait and Switch" scheme was in full overdrive even... 

I spoke to two managers during my time there, the second one played the "Good Cop" routine, assuring me that he was aggressive in his attempt to rally on my behalf because he could offer me a monthly payment of $458...when it should have been $459... WOW, he really went to bat for me...for a Dollar a Month less...yeah, sure you are... 

These people are Con Artists, Shysters, Con men. Their game is blatantly Dishonest and there for all to see. I am going to American Honda next to see if this is an Accepted way of roping in customers...I will let you know... I am not fact I am truly Disappointed with these "Representatives" of the Honda Name. I was of the opinion that the Japanese Brand is one of Honor...Trust...and Integrity...well...these Con Men have sullied that Name...maybe "American Honda" is different from the original Japanese "Honda"...the story the meantime, Be Careful.

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  1. I sold cars for about 9 years Teeluck. I was pretty average but for the most part I tried to be fair and upfront with customers. The bes salespeople I saw that weren't longtimers with huge followings, if numbers are what makes them the best, were the lyingest mother fuckers this side of the Bush Administration.

    What's the buyout on your Ridgeline. You should be in real good shape on it. Enought that there should be some equity to give you a decent down payment on another lease or a buy.

    I sold mostly Fords and I think they're good vehicles now. I have a Fusion. But you're never wrong to go with Honda. Sometimes you have to shop for a dealer that isn't staffed with sleazeballs.