Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Can Newt Gingrich Teach Your Kids??

Newt Gingrich announced his 2012 Presidential run on Wednesday. Who will vote for him? I am sure there are many around the country who were waiting for him to run so they can cast their vote for him. I would like to ask everyone to focus on a few things. 

Newt, while Speaker of the House, is very famous for his spat with then President Bill Clinton. The Blackmail and threat of Government shutdown we face in the very near future at the hands of Speaker Boehner, mirrors what actually happened to the Clinton Administration with the heavy hand of Newt at the Steering wheel. Newt touted that Shutdown as a Resounding Victory and he is no doubt sharpening his chops to do it again.

We will also remember the shameful debacle Newt and other Republicans subjected the country to when they Impeached President Clinton…while Newt and other Republicans were shagging their mistresses at the time. This was not the "Respectable Christian sex to make kids" kind of sex...this was far from that...very very far from that.

The lying cheating Newt was happily laying down a trail of bodies…of ex wives and maybe yet undiscovered mistresses…whom I am sure will be paid handsomely to stay hidden…if they existed at all that is.  I don’t know if a lying cheating Newt would have limited himself into dipping into one ink well while married…I will let his disturbing record speak for itself.

What's equally telling about Newt and his new (3rd) wife is the shocking news that his wife is also or was also shagging someone's else's husband...a skill she seems to have down pat...apparently Newt may not have been the first...or last...? Oh well...birds of a feather...

What kind of a Christian is he? Well, again his lying cheating record will speak to that question… while he was happily raking his fellow Christian  brother Clinton over the coals he was guilty of even more sickening crimes against his religion and his loving wife...wives... who to this day remain uncompensated victims of his hypocritical ways...after all how can you compensate a woman after doing that to her...them... That does tell the Character of a man...or lack thereof in Newt's case, doesn't it?

How would Newt guide the Educational system under his control if he occupied the White House? Well, we see his group has had a detrimental affect with No Child Left Behind. It is no secret that the Republicans are proud of this program even though it has put the US in the bottom rankings of most Global Educational Ratings for students in Developed countries. These rankings are echoed here.

How will Newt do on matters of war? His support for the Iraq war speaks for itself. 
How will he do on Healthcare? Obviously he is not a fan of President Obama's Healthcare plan...or Medicare and Medicaid. 
What will he do with SS? I'm sure you can guess which side of the fence he comes down at.
I will remind you…a leopard does not change his spots …neither will the Lying …Cheating…Newt…now go vote.

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