Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deathers And Other Treasonous Republicans, Embrace Bin Laden...

Ann Coulter spoke in her usual Parsel tongue...saying if Americans can handle Hillary Clinton's ankles, they can handle Bin Laden's photos after his death...knowing it would have the same if not more of a detrimental affect than the photos of Abu Gharib.

Crazy Judge Napolitano showed his true "Deather" self, by suggesting Bin Laden may not be dead and this may all be a hoax...carried out by our very own Navy Seals who are now being doubted...essentially being Technically called liars  by this sorry excuse for a man...questioning what their motives were when they carried out the mission that they are being congratulated and thanked for…some suggesting it was simply an intentional ‘kill’ mission and nothing more honorable than that.

Glen Beck says it was 'Disgusting, Grotesque and Obscene' for President Obama to visit Ground zero...He said Bush would feel 'slimy' if he went with President Obama to Ground Zero, so it was good that he didn't. He suggested that The President was merely taking a 'victory lap'... not unlike Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished” landing on the deck Of the USS Abraham Lincoln some years ago.

Some unknown named Tammy Bruce suggested it was a 'campaign commercial'

They are truly disgusting...these Republicans...these jealous 'sour grapes' Republicans. They are so mad that President Obama rubbed their faces in their own shit he has done many times before.
He showed them up for what they really are...cynical smalled minded people...people who only trade in fear and power trips with no love or regard for the middle class... the regular Joe, the real soccer mom... 'The Blacks' and the poor.

The Republicans are now embracing Bin Laden 'en masse' in a desperate and pathetically failing attempt to Discredit President Obama in any way possible...including suggesting the President and the Navy Seals were the wrong murder / illegally assassinate an unarmed Bin Laden and his unarmed comrades. This is the distance they will go, this is how low they will stoop, in their evil attempt to regain power and the White House. Their evil, unpatriotic actions knows no bounds.

I agree with President Obama when he suggests that they should have their heads examined. 

They try to praise their failed attempts to extract information from captured terrorists, by using  Torture... with Peter King suggesting that the information they got from Torture was what caused the most wanted Terrorist in the world to be tracked down and killed. They conveniently forget that Bush was offered Bin Laden by the Taliban at least twice that we know of...and he refused.  

This was after he had killed 3000 of our own on 9/11...even 9/11 could not bring President Bush  to go against his family's business partners...the Bin of whom curiously, was in a  meeting with Bush Sr. at a Hotel in New York on that dreaded day...September 11, 2001.

They, the Bin Laden who was in the meeting and many other Bin Laden Family members were spirited away...out of the country, before the public could find out or question the close connections of both Families.

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