Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Wins Back Kennedy's Seat, Beats Scott Brown!

Elizabeth Warren did what everyone wanted, she beat Scott Brown in a tight race for Ted Kennedy's seat. This will always be Ted's seat... he earned that right as the 'Lion of the Senate.' Scott Brown fought a good race as he was widely regarded by many as a moderate.

According to Maurice Cunningham, a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts, he was well liked enough, to present a challenge for the Democrats to field a candidate to run against him. 

USAToday writes... "He's a very strong and very deft candidate," Cunningham said. "He's persuaded folks he's an independent voice. But Warren, a Harvard Law School professor, erupted onto the scene, apparently from nowhere, when a speech she gave in Andover about economics went viral and gained her a national following. She had been an adviser for President Obama and came up with the concept of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau... She's got a lot of passion, particularly on economic issues...She's got that fire that reminds you of Kennedy a little bit"

Warren is a breath of fresh air for the party and the people of Massachusetts who, with Brown, have had to swallow the Republican swill much as Joe Lieberman's constituents have had to do. That is as disgusting as having a blue dog Democrat as your Senator...something I have a hard time accepting. They stab you in the back more times than most. Congratulations to Elizabeth Warren, we look forward to following your bright future as Senator!

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