Friday, November 2, 2012

Pres Clinton Says He Is More Enthusiastic About Pres Obama Now, Than In 2008...That's Huge!

President Clinton is on the stump for President Obama... Who would know more about great job performance than a former President? That speaks volumes because right now there are so many negative ads on the TV and radio about President Obama that the independents are still confused about where to cast their vote. writes...'Former President Bill Clinton struck at GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney Tuesday, saying "the arithmetic" of his tax cuts plan and his plot to create 12 million new jobs don't add up and President Barack Obama thwarted an even deeper economic depression...

"I'm far more enthusiastic about it today than I was then," Clinton said, noting he did 40 events for Obama four years ago. Clinton lashed out at Romney's claim that he would create 12 million jobs, saying independent economists have predicted that if Obama's existing policies continued there would be 12 million new jobs created anyway in the next four years.

"The essential argument of Governor Romney is, 'Hey I look like a president, I act like a president, I have proven I can change my message for any circumstance and position,'" Clinton said. "So elect me and I'll claim credit for the jobs of President Obama's policies."

The safest and surest way that undecided voters can weigh the issue is to listen to the one person that they can trust, someone who has been a President, who has seen the 'behind the scenes' classified stuff, someone who understands the demands faced by the Commander in Chief... indeed someone who warned President Bush about the threat of Osama Bin Laden! 

For President Clinton to say that he is more enthusiastic about President Obama now than in 2008, is in itself the greatest endorsement one President can give to another.

What he is saying is that he has now seen No. 44 in action, he has seen him pass through the fire and has seen that fire forge No.44 into the man of true grit and determination... needed to hold the reigns of progress for the next crucial four years. He has seen No.44 prove his mettle... prove his compassion for the American people and his ability to lead us out of this dark Republican created past.

We are at a time of great insecurity but also great promise, a time of great disasters but also unyielding hope, we see the agony of defeat behind us and we also see the unlimited potential  of America's prosperity on the path forward. A path that leads America once more, to victory.

Romney and his cadre of foreign secret donors want nothing but the worst for America, so they can swoop down like vultures and collect the carcasses that their policies will create. They view America as just another market for them to manipulate and suck bone dry of its resources and its people's hopes and dreams.

The middle class is the backbone of any growing economy and the international companies see a fallen America as a prize well worth exploiting...turning us into another wasteland of stolen dreams, broken people, wanton destruction and crippling poverty...this must not happen...this will not happen under President Obama. His love for America is proven... he does not hide his money overseas. He does not bet against America...we should not either.

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