Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back Off...she warns...and I know she ain't kidding! Rachel Maddow exposes liars and hypocrites everyday.

"I did not lie" she said..."Back Off".  She was responding tonight on her show to Glenn "the Nazi" Beck, about his lies and attempts at dodging her factual evidence, when it came to him trying to save face... after he stated on his shows that Bill Nye lied when he said that we have Global warming...on her show. We all know that Republicans lie...all the time. They lie for everything, even when they do not have to. Beck lies, Rush lies, Hannity lies, Levin lies, Coulter lies, Bachman lies, Malkin lies, most of Fox's other Entertainers do as well on their shows, on this I will remind you that Hannity, O'reilly, Greta, Beck, Brett, Sliwa, and those of that ilk are all Entertainers ...not reporters,... these Republicans in the Senate lie to their constituents when they vote against the  Stimulus and then writes letters to the responsible parties to make sure they get some of that money for their states. They lie when although voting against the Stimulus, they proudly run ....or slither... to the stage to present the check and take the fame for getting said money...even though they tried to kill it. Now they are angry that Rachel Maddow exposes them as Hypocrites. Makes you think that the serpent in the Garden Of Eden had to be a Republican...it is so fitting that this be so, especially when they are the ones who perpetuate this theory that their magical God caused Katrina, and also the Earthquake in Haiti  and  the 9/11 event, both of which I highlighted in my January post titled "Haiti"
There really are serpents walking among us and it is easy to find them...by their lies. When they say to us that they should be elected again because this time they have learned and they will not do bad things and they will save us from those bad people who started this recession... them... The Bad Republicans of the Bush era...should we believe them?  Don't you think they are lying? I do.


  1. Like their ideological forbears of another era, the Rushpubliscums know all about the "big lie," and when to employ it. Sadly, a measurable number of us will just swallow it, unquestioningly.

  2. Hey JR, not "us" but "their sheep" are the only ones stupid enough to believe them.

  3. Politicians lie. It is their reason for being.

    Me cynical? Never!

  4. The Republican Party has taken the Big Lie Technique to a whole new level.

  5. As far as I'm concerned, they are all full of bullshit. Everyone in politics. They are liars and cheats ... power hungry a-holes that don't care about anyone.
    I'm Canadian so I really shouldn't comment on American politics (which I know very little about).. however, when I think about men like John Edwards, whose wife has terminal cancer and he still couldn't keep it in his pants, it makes me sick.
    Believe me, if I was American I would not be voting Republican. I'm just sayin.... :P
    They all suck.

    Hmmmm.. hope I haven't stuck my foot in my mouth! :)


  6. Hey Tom, yes they have but we are not going to let it slide, we must keep up the pressure to always expose them.

    Hi Laura, you said it they are all full of bullshit, the good men are few and far apart...I'm holding my breath hoping President Obama may be one of the good ones...he has lots of work to do,and you can say anything you want on this blog. Enjoy the olympics.

  7. I'm reminded of the old joke:

    How do you know when a Republican is lying?

    His lips are moving.

    The problem is that more than being just a joke, it's the reality.

  8. Hey S.W. yes unfortunately it is true, and because the public has such a short attention span, we have to keep it in the forefront all the time. We are on the frontline.

  9. When all else fails, and for sure the republicans have failed America since Nixon, lie.

    Lying is the only thing these jokers are good at. When they win an election its because they did a good enough job of lying. If republicans governed as well as they lie nobody would be a Democrat.

  10. I'm with Sunshine. They ALL frigging lie. Do the Republicans lie more so? I suppose they do. Just don't tell Blagsonofabitch, William Jefferson, etc..