Thursday, February 18, 2010

C P A C... Crazy Pistol-packing Alarmist Conservatives

They are crazy, yet they are the only ones who don't think they are.  Their wacky and unprecedented misuse and flagrant abuse of the Filibuster is proof of their mischief and intent to stifle our progress as a Nation...a Nation of laws...laws they seem to frequently ignore. They meet plan their attack on America, to plan how to descend on the public, pounce on us and steal our money. They lie daily, thank goodness for people like Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman who hold their feet to the fire and help us to shed some light on their wicked ways.  They cheat, and we all know about their stealing the election in 2000.  They do bad things when they are in office, giving all the considerations to Corporate interests above the people who are crushed by these Companies and then they scream for justice when they are out of office, as if a new Administration trying to do good and clean up their messes for the people is a bad thing.  They become the Obstructionist party of NO, because Yes means helping the American people and being true Patriots. They did nothing to help the country when they were in power, they only passed tax cuts and started wars so they could pay-off their friends and empty the Treasury... to which end they stole Billions... which was the norm for the recently past Republican Presidents and their Administrations... they are only smart enough to leave Deficits. They try to change their spots from Republicans to Conservatives to Neo-Cons to Independents to Reagan Conservatives to Tea Baggers to Birthers and last to Palinites, so the public will forget who they are. They are still thieves and Con men just fleecing the public with Predatory lending and warmongering. They started this recession and I'm sure they were all receiving their ashes on Wednesday to prove their "Good Christian" status. Well if that is the standard of a "Good Christian" then we are better off not believing in Magic and witch craft (Sarah believes in that,) Gods and Satan. The evil is truly in what they do.


  1. The only thing that really bewilders me all over the world is that so many people seem surprised that poiticians are invariably cheats and liars.

    That's why they're politicians!

  2. They do bad things when they are in office, giving all the considerations to Corporate interests above the people...

    Speaking strictly from a tactical point of view nothing can be done until Corporations are under control again. Just about all politicians are a lost cause.

    All the pretty bimbos in the world of "business journalism" speak in glowing accolades of their buddies in the business world much in the same way a biblethumper speaks of the Rapture. The web of control and uber-capitalist mindset will have to be broken from the people, the question is what will wake them up?

  3. Dinners, you are right...we want so much to believe in a better world that we fool ourselves into thinking this one is a better politician than the last, only to be proven wrong.

    Beach, at this point nothing will wake them up...I was on a conservative site...The Hill...and the conservatives are praising Bush as if it was his first day in all is lost my friend...I'm going to Canada or something...

  4. I was very disappointed to see George Will at the convention. I had always thought of him as a principled thinker who'd have the common sense to avoid such an anti-intellectual festivity.

  5. Hey Will, sometimes when the cheese is left on the counter the rats will come out for a bite, so in as much as George Will says ""how to make our argument",in his speech, he bares his teeth... at least you know who "they" are now...Teabaggers, Birthers...Palinists...

  6. sometimes when the cheese is left on the counter the rats will come out for a bite

    Oh, couldn't have said that better myself :)