Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shit Flinging

Some people say that President Obama is too much of a Statesman, a Gentleman and a Politician. He has to be all three, the first two are obvious. Sometimes I think the President HAS to be a politician and will fight dirty because you do not go into the ring of a Shit Fight with a clean white shirt...nor do you expect to come out of the ring squeeky clean and smelling sweet like a rose either. Sometimes he needs to play both sides of the fence, save us while still giving Big Business some concessions. We need to let him do his job, however he sees fit and support him no matter what, because he is the lesser of two evils and we do not have another savior right now. We had eight years of the other evil before...If President Obama did not step into the ring we would already be in a depression, if he steps out tomorrow, I think there is no better person to replace him. He is not enjoying his job while trying to accommodate those idiotic Republicans nor did he take the job to enjoy it, he knows the job is the shittiest job in America and he knows that when he is done he will be all spent and not many may like him and Republicans may even call him another Carter, but he is a true American because he is literally giving his life and soul for this shitty job and this shitty public, who really do not have the balls or decency to support him while he gets shit flung in his face and tries to fling shit around to save them. He has twice handed the Republicans their balls on silver platters in front of the cameras while they attempted to fling shit at him, and some in the public still says he is no good. He is really trying to not alienate the right wing community, after all they are Americans too, including those folks who call themselves independents. There is in my opinion nothing called an Independent, you are only a Democrat or a Republican, independents are simply the folks who can't decide if to let people know that they are closet Republicans, because they are ashamed to go public. Even if sometimes you don't agree with everything the Democrats do, you will not leave the party, so independents are really Republicans in disguise. Being a Republican means being evil on some level as you will side with the corporations against the people, causing great harm, suffering, pain and even death to said people. It also means being a hypocrite and a liar, and your main purpose is to fling shit all over the place like a crazed monkey (tell lies), scratch your ass in public (like impeaching Bill for getting a blow) and respond to the urges in your loins... in airport bathrooms and the like. There is never any reason to have a brain as you are only required to tow the party line, learn their talking points, fling shit (lie) to cover their tracks, blindly believe in a magical God floating in the clouds and follow the churches like mindless sheep, and give blowjobs (worship) to right wing radio and TV wackos .


  1. It's late and I'm not too wordy... but I enjoyed the post very much...
    President Obama is a 'gentleman statesman' ... we haven't had his like in a few generations... Carter is, true. But none like Obama, with his youth, his adaptability, elasticity of mind and fact... he's fraken impressive. I liked your post T.

  2. I remember reading a headline in The Daily Onion the day after Obama won the election "Black Guy Gets The Worst Job In America." He handles it such grace.

  3. Holte Ender beat me to it. I came here to post the same thing.

    I also remember the night he won the election when he appeared on the stage in the park in Chicago--the first images of him were those of a somewhat somber man. He understood that he, indeed, had won the Worst Job in America.

  4. At times I despise Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" but he recently hit the nail on the head with Obama. Joe said that President Johnson would have pulled in the Liebermann types and threaten to cut his balls off the next election if he did not play ball.

    I believe in and support the president but I afraid I agree he has not shown the leadership and daring that I saw on the campaign.

  5. You have stated with eloquence and grace the truth TeeLuck. Well done my friend.

  6. You said a lot of good things here, my friend. But I do have to disagree with you on the Independent equals Republican tenet. I'm an Independent who voted for Obama in '08, Kerry in '04, and Ned Lamont in the '06 Connecticut Senate race. We're not even remotely all the same.

  7. Gwendolyn, even though many want more, I am impressed with what I have already gotten.

    Holte, I think the Black Guy really "Got" it... he knows what he is up against and he does handle it with grace.

    Shaw, there is courage in silence, and I respect him for that...a lesson I know all too well because I am always putting my foot in my big mouth. He is somber in his courage and determination to face the tasks ahead, knowing the end result may well be him being feathered and tarred by an idiot Republican mob.

    Beach, I know that he can really put some pressure on the weak minded in the group, but the mark of a leader is to lead and not push people to the trough, as they have to drink on their own accord. He is trying to lead them to water, with the intension of using the whip if they do not play ball...he sees that no matter what, right now it is better to have bad friends than bad enemies as they can hurt the efforts of recovery. Make no mistake, he does have the balls.

    Truth, thank you Sir, coming from you that is quite a compliment...

    Will, my apologies, you know I love my matter what side of the fence you sit, I am smiling as I write this. Does this mean that you will not support Sister Sarah if she becomes a gifted orator as President Obama is??
    She and recently elected Brown will make a formidable team, won't they?

  8. My goodness, how true, how true.

    But I'm not a Democrat, at least not what passes for them nowadays. I'm a liberal, and there is a difference.

    And my captcha is "tabibi." Interesting :)

  9. first Teeluck, thanks for adding me to you bloglist, I have done the same for you.
    I actually agree with you about the Independents. I call myself a forever Democrat, especially at this point in my life I can not fathom ever voting republican. Your analysis of Obama is right on. He does tend to give us progressives a little heartburn once in awhile but being a leader doesn't mean he has to be like Bush and expect lock step support on EVERY single issue. Democrats are a diverse group and I hope we don't resort to purity tests like the thugs do. I also love what you said to Beach about leading, I believe Obama is a leader, and I believe the GOP truly like him but have to appease their base of idiots. I will never forget Obamas facial expression as he looked out at the thousands and thousands of adoring voters in Chicago, he saw his destiny that night....Anyway.... great read Teeluck, I'll be back!

  10. Teeluck, I was just having another online conversation about this with one of my more moderate republican online buddies about this. She has seen many more elections than I have and she was telling me she has never seen the total disrespect for the man in the office she has seen with PO. It seems like a whole lot of people, myself included, are forgetting he has only been there 13 months and nearly everyone wants him to perform magic. She and I both agree, a lot of this has to do with the fact that *gasp* "not one of us"*** has the audacity to be in the office. You could hear it just this week with all the "he's arrogant", he is condescending to us. He is the president of the damn country HELLO. Trying to get his point across to what amounts to children in the meeting he was in the other day and the only thing they were talking about after, he was rude to old man McCrankypants and Eric Cantor. He talked too much, just excuses if you ask me. I am surprised that vile n word has not been spouted yet, you know that is what they are thinking.

    I don't think they have caught on yet, that this man is the smartest in the room because he studies beforehand. He is a self made man, did not come with the silver spoon a la commander cuckoo bananas. It just galls them that there is a black man in the office if you want my honest opinion. What they are forgetting is, us brownies will be the majority soon enough and they are all doing the panty wetting, because they see the power slipping quickly away from them. Watching him rise above all this, makes me proud that this is the guy we have in office at this time. There always has to be that 1st to do(insert whatever here) and right now, the 1st black man is President Obama. He is making it easier for that next person of color when they get the nod if that makes any sense. I personally would love to see a black, lesbian, atheist, liberal in the running, they would just shit themselves not knowing what to do or where to turn to. That is just my dream though :)

    ***Straight white protestant male.

  11. JR, Whether you are a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, ex-KKK whatever...hell as long as you reject Sistah Sarah... you're A-OK with me...

    Sue, thank you for adding me to your blog, that is really great for a newbie like me...
    Forever Democrat...I like that term, and I think you are right that the GOP secretly LOVES the President, not for the Office he occupies but for his skillful handling of the opposition. They never thought they would meet a man who singlehandedly took on their whole crew and came out winning... this earned him his stripes with them, they certainly are forced to respect him and after eight years of GLOBAL embarassement with bumbling idiot Bush, he has given them back their pride in a President. They now hold their heads up high when they travel the world because they can stand behind their Commander in Chief and feel proud.

    Jess, I was listening to Monica Crowley today on my drive to work and that is exactly what she was harping about... that President "dabama" (that's what she calls him ...halfwit that she is...)was beating up on the old man Mc Cain. That is now one of their talking points. I would also LOVE to see Rachel-my-favorite-atheist-lesbian-Maddow become the first woman President...woo hoo

    Karen, thank you very much

  12. I know you're kidding, Teeluck. But, just for the record, I wouldn't under ANY circumstances vote for Palin. As even our good brother O'Reilly has stated, this is a women that needs to go back to "college".

  13. Teeluck I'm kinda a newbie too so when I see my blog around town it feel awesome! Good luck to ya, we definitly are on the same wavelength with our political views!

  14. I agree with all the good things you said about Obama. But he still needs to get more firm and more aggressive with Republicans and "moderate" Democrats. I'm hoping Obama is planning to use this past year of paralysis as a reason -- an excuse -- for plunging full speed ahead with the reconciliation process, executive orders, whatever he needs to do to get his agenda moving. This has to be done NOW, or an angry public will vote the Democrats out this November for being too weak and unassertive.

  15. Hi Teeluck

    I'm rushing through to let you know that I've moved Politics Plus to

    You're in the new blogroll there. Would you please update me in yours?

  16. Tee, you nailed the republican party, that's for sure. Alright, here goes. For what he has to put up with, I still think Obama is doing about as well as anyone who was in that race could, given what he's had to work with, and the shitstorm from both sides. I don't agree that we should support him no matter what he decides, because that's exactly what the Bushites did, and look where that got us. Now, when I say support, I don't mean "not vote for him come november 2012". I mean speak up and say "Mr Prez, WTF?? Don't do it!" or "Mr. Prez, WTF?? Do it this way!" I think that is necessary for elected officials to hear, and let's face it - most of them totally ignore their constituency. That said, Obama's constituency is the entire country, left and right, so I can see some concessions to get important legislation passed. I think that the Dems have given away entirely too much with the healthcare reform, but if it gets passed, that will be a psychological boon that will play out for years. Better to have a shitty bill that can be improved upon over time than to have nothing but more of the same.

    BTW, when is your book coming out? I'm looking forward to reading it!

  17. Will, you know I am kidding, and don't you notice that over the last three months O'reilly has been playing a more "to the center" game? He has softened his rhetoric against the Dems...even inviting Jon Stewart on the show, which he knows will garner some favorable feelings for Dems. Maybe he knew about this deal that was in the works with the Saudi's buying some of Fox and he wanted to soften the critique from Dems.

    Sue, thank you and good luck as well, you have my support all the way.

    Tom Harper, you are right, he does know that this is "crunch time," as he suggested in the meeting with his insistance that we could not wait any longer and he also mentioned the elections, in a strong manner showing confidence and not fear about it. You are right, he will use the last year inaction as a catalyst to use reconciliation.

    TomCat, already done bro and the blog looks good.

  18. Bee, I could not have said it better myself, you are so on my wavelength....and I want (Rachel Maddow for President) shhh it's a secret...wouldn't that be cool.

    About the book it is getting the index done, after that it should take about four weeks for Amazon to make the proofs and it's in about six weeks...Yay (very excited)

  19. Teeluck - I wish you would go to Menopausal Stoners instead of the personal project you stumbled upon.
    Stop by sometime

  20. You mean there are politicians who don't fight dirty...and lie...and cheat?

    Where? Who? I don't believe it!!!

  21. Dinners, you and I may be the only ones, that probably means we are up shit creek eh?

  22. Teeluck I really enjoy your blog and this post especially. I am going to actually defend conservatives for not being out to kill everyone, I do think they believe each of us has "individual sovereignty," (excuse me while I giggle) and we may all sink or swim without government and without being murdered (because we'll all have a gun); some will even route for gay people. I laughed about your whois Independent comment; I think it definitely does apply to some but not all!! I think they are just very, very scared because they can't follow the modern Obama man. They have to have someone to follow, even (OMG I LOVE THIS, THANKS JESSE) silver-spoon a la commander cuckoo bananas (e.g. Jon Stewart, " you wanna kiss me!." I have to draw that image.