Thursday, February 4, 2010

China, China, China

Nee Hao MA...That's how you say hello or Good day in Chinese...We may well have to learn this language soon, as we may be owned by the Chinese Government, or like smaller countries, have to learn the language of the leader. Why must it come to this you ask? these Quotes...
" China's energy development emphasizes thrift, cleanness and safety. Believing that development is the only way for its survival, China solves problems emerging in the process of advance through development and reform. To this end, it is applying the Scientific Outlook on Development, persevering in putting people first, changing its concept of development, making innovations in the mode of development, and improving the quality of development. It strives for high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption, minimum of environmental pollution, good economic returns, and guaranteed safety in energy development, so as to realize the coordinated and sustained development of all energy resources to the fullest possible extent.
China's energy development is based on the principle of relying on domestic resources and the basic state policy of opening to the outside world."

"China is the world's leading producer of energy from renewable sources and is on the way to overtaking developed countries in creating clean technologies, according to a report by the Climate Group.
Published today, the group's report, China's Clean Revolution, shows that supportive government policies investing billions of dollars in energy efficiency and renewables are driving huge levels of innovation in China.
The Climate Group says that, despite its coal-dependent economy, China has become a world leader in the manufacture of solar photovoltaic technology - its six biggest solar companies have a combined value of over $15bn (£7.57bn). Around 820 megawatts of solar PV were produced in China in 2007, second only to Japan.
The country already leads the world in terms of installed renewable capacity at 152 gigawatts. In the next year, China will also become the world's leading exporter of wind turbines and it is also highly competitive in solar water heaters, energy efficient home appliances, and rechargeable batteries.
"For too long, many governments, businesses and individuals have been wary of committing to action on climate change because they perceive that China - the world's largest emitter - is doing little to address the issue," said Steve Howard, chief executive of the Climate Group.
"However, the reality is that China's government is beginning to unleash a low-carbon dragon which will power its future growth, development and energy security objectives."

"There has been some success as well. CNOOC bought late last year a minority stake in four prospects in the Gulf of Mexico from Statoil; Sinopec, the country’s state-owned oil company, was successful last year in scooping up Switzerlands’s Addax Petroleum for more than $7 billion; Sinochem Corp. bought British oil and gas explorer Emerald Energy in October; and China National Petroleum Corp. with majority partner BP successfully secured a contract to develop the Rumaila field in southern Iraq.
Based on comments by CNOOC’s president Yang Hua, the company and China will continue to try and expand its overseas operations with foreign partners, according to a WSJ report."

"Officially, China’s latest renewable energy plan sets a goal of 10 GW by 2010. That’s double the previous target. However, according to industry analysts at China Strategies LLC, China’s current pace of wind development will bring 10 GW by the end of this year, two years ahead of schedule. According to China Strategies, 20 GW is possible in China by 2010. What’s more, they foresee a total of 100 GW by 2020, an increase in wind energy of 1667%. And, they add, this may be a conservative estimate."

While the Republicans are concentrating on tearing down this Government in every way possible and effectively tying the Administration's hands while playing the "penny wise pound foolish" game, their short-sightedness will result in the retardation of America's progress in the biggest and most important race in the world right now...The energy race...the race to source the rest of the worlds energy resources before China, whether it be oil from the African continent, Energy from South America ...particularly Brazil, Oil from Canada and Mexico, Oil off the Coast of Cuba, or even manufacturing high quality Solar Panels and building High Tech clean and safe Nuclear Plants and increasing energy production from wind right here in America. The Republicans seem to not see that divided we fall while China rises like the Sleeping Dragon. Does power and winning mean that much to them that they would prefer to see America lose so they will have their way? Timing is everything ...In the near future, whosoever controls the majority of the world's energy, and can sell or supply it to others...may well control the world.


  1. The Chinese recognize that they can't develop a model like ours. And since the Chinese Government isn't loaded down with Klanservative corporate toadies, you see policy written by people who actually give a shit about their country.

    I'm not sure there are many of those people in our CONgress.

  2. Nee Hao MA to you old bean....

    ...and ying tong yiddle I po.....

    The take away near me makes the most marvellous sweet and sour pork.

    I suppose we're in China's hands as opposed to China In Your Hands? - (with apologies to T'Pau)

  3. The take away near ME makes some excellent mi fung noodles and fried rice.

    The way things are going, I won't be able to afford it for a whole lot longer, of course.

  4. Imagine how different things would be if, instead of wallowing in luxuries and being indifferent to an inevitable peak-oil situation, Americans (and other Westerners) actually started focussing on energy conservation and alternative energy 30 years ago. Instead, the lesson learned from the energy crisis of the 1970s was 'We really must keep those uppity Arabs in line.'

  5. JR, we always see this in our politics,the good apples are spoiled or stymied, because of Republican success. We are now in a recession and still not out of the woods yet...because they keep blocking the Pres... success again.

    FD, Yea we may well be in their hands soon is the Republicans have their way

    Stimpson, You hit on an excellent point...sadly we had many administrations who could have done this...we didn't. I wonder if a partnership of Republicans and Big Business for all those years had anything to do with it...hmmm

  6. Teeluck, US survival as a first world economy depends on a shift from financial services (which produce nothing of real value) to research, development and domestic manufacture of emergent technologies. This is what the GOP opposes, and due to their obstruction, we have fallen way behind China in clean energy. Ironically the biggest GOP argument against clean energy five years ago is that we could never get China and India to join us, putting us at a competitive disadvantage, They were as wrong then as they are now.

  7. TomCat, They leave too many decisions up to the inklings of Gods, instead of trying to exercise the intelligence that I'm sure they have lying around somewhere between that pile of stuff they hold racism, obstructionism, magic and witchcraft (remember Sarah?), lying, worshipping Rush and Hannity, feeding the snakes like Ann Coulter and Levin, Malkin and Bachman...letting them out of their cages sometimes, putting corporation before Country. They are the cause of our failures to maintain our lead in the world, and it looks like they revitalized and are starting anew with the likes of the Birthers and the Tea Baggers. Here we go again...

  8. Very alarming, and completely true. China is leaving us in the dust, and from other things I've read, India and Brazil are huge innovators too, in renewable energy specifically and technology in general.

    All empires rise and fall and I think America is in the waning stage.

  9. Hey Tom Harper, Unlike Empires, we were designed to to last, designed to adapt, but the architects of this country never envisioned that we would have a bunch of nay sayers who want to cling to the old obstructionist ways of the past, but expect a different result this time around. Republican success means another era of Bush "voodoo economics" as his father put it. Like religion, and the Ford model T, those tactics were valid for a past era, now is the time to invent new tactics and forge new partnerships to stay a leading force...they don't see that. They think change is a bad word...

  10. China is the next great empire, again! The United States is dying and hastening the death of this great nation are the Republicans, as observed most accurately by Tee! It is just a matter of time before these fools once again control the majority and the Democrats will once again find themselves outfoxed. Sadly,there are a lot of liberals and "progressives" will help the Right to achieve their goal by continuing to curse the president and his policies.

  11. Hey Mike , yes it seems that China is headed for stardom with the help of the Republican party. Isn't it funny, that these guys would rather selfishly grab $5 than help the economy to grow so they can reap $20?

  12. Making things even funnier, in a dark and foreboding way, China has just about cornered the market in rare earth minerals and strategic metals. Items needed in a high technology world.

    Is it just me or does our rich and powerful almost seem to be working for the Red Chinese?

  13. Tee said: "Does power and winning mean that much to them that they would prefer to see America lose so they will have their way?"

    You nailed it, Tee. Right on the shortsighted, greedy bastard's heads. Good thing I like Chinese food.

  14. BB, I guess we can learn a thing or two from China about progress...

    Bee, chinese food? You sounded like a caviar and fine wine kinda person.