Thursday, February 11, 2010


Many are displeased by our Government's pandering to the Financial Shakers.
I think right now, it goes like this...and I may be wrong...

I smell like shit...that is because I work in the sewers shoveling shit.
I depend on the shit of those Wall Street bigshots and those Foreign bigshots to live, because they keep the sewers full of their shit,
Even though I don't like their shit I need it...for now...and life would be drastically different if they did not do their shit...
so for now, I will take the shit, so I can do my shit...
a man once said...
why worry about the smell of shit when you have perfume,
So I will take the shit...because this Country will collapse without it, and then I won't be able to do my shit...
It will get better...and when it does I'm not gonna take this shit no more!!!
P.S. I don't know where I'm going with this...but I think some of us think like this point in time, in an economy like this. What do you think?
P.S. again... this is actually a comment I made on a blog...full disclosure and all that...I actually thought it sounded amusing...sadly...


  1. Teeluck,
    At first I wanted to write "what a shitty post" :)
    but then thought better of it, because I detect a grain of serious in it-particularly the first two paragraphs.
    I see it as depicting the behavior of the common working stiff, poor or blue collar or middle class, who takes the shit all day and is too tired to do anthing about it but come home and spend a little time with her/his family.Knows she/he is getting shit on but if the whole thing collapses-how does that person feed their family ?

    So IMO therein lies the clue to this whole mess-they may not like the status quo but they assume no matter what happens it will be the same old shit. They'll get shit on whoever's in office.

  2. Oso...That is the honest truth bro

  3. Workers work in it. Banksters dispense it. Republicans are full of it.

  4. Ha Ha Ha!!!! Nice one TC, love it

  5. Holy Shit!!

    On a lighter note...

    ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

  6. This man knows his shit!

    Kind of ironic. I work at a water treatment plant. Were it not for fish shit, I'd probably have to find work someplace else.

    But on the other hand Teeluck, this post could also be used by righties to advance their shit about how the wealthy support the rest of us freeloading bums through their wonderful businesses they invented and did all the work at, plus paying the taxes which support the welfare society.

    I've told many a righty I could argue their side better than they could.

  7. Shit is shit no matter who is slinging it, cleaning it up or covering up their own shit (like the Rethugs).

  8. The problem is, the shit-shovelers use every excuse they can think of to steal a little more from us. Very soon (and ALREADY for wqay too many American families) the day is going to come when they've finally stolen so much that feeding our children becomes an iffy proposition.

    Maybe we shoulda let them collapse. And strung a few of them up as an object lesson to future greedy cretins.

  9. Karen I am happy to see you found your hearts, happy Valentine's day to you and yours.

    Truth you got me on the, as for the Repuglickers, in some cases the wealthy are just exploiting workers for their own selfish gains, not doing anything out of the goodness of their hearts... heck they want to end unions and not have decent standards, work conditions or benefits. That is what happened to me, and millions in New York...they let you go and rehire you as a contractor so you are self employed with no benefits or anything else. I'm a courier for ABC News. CNN and the other networks are doing the same thing to their workers. Oh, ABC is owned by Disney. In the past year they have let go hundreds here and around the country...just from ABC.

    Hey Dusty, Repuglickers are always slinging shit and they do not even care to cover it up...example Sarah "the foul mouth" Palin.

    Jeremiah you got that right.

    JR, I think we are there already, many people can't feed their families, and that is solely due the the Repuglickers and the successful years they had under Bush. Bush did everything right...according to their playbook...Reagan did the same thing...both slinging shit and leaving a them that is success.
    Unfortunately too many innocent people will suffer if things we have to carry the real torch of truth, love, freedom and comes back around in the end and bites them in the ass, it always does.

  10. BTW, everyone check out this site. It shows Bush's money trail leading back to the Nazi's

  11. Hell yeah on the pricks hiring workers as "independent contractors." We all know it's bullshit and I don't know what the Dept. of Labor is waiting for to attack this blatent employment fraud.

  12. Both parties are up to their arm-pits in Wall Street money. Corporate America IS the government and vice versa. A shitty situation, you ask? I would definitely say so.

  13. I think Will is right. Corporate America IS the government -- both parties.

    Unfortunately it's easier to diagnose the problem than to cure it. I think the country has dug itself in too deep. I don't see a way out.

  14. What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;...

    Billy Shakespeare

    It seemed appropriate given the nature of this post. Still though, even after all the nashing of teeth about how the bankers screwed everyone, they won. When the Chinese take over I hope they hang them first.

  15. Beach, I think the Chinese shoot recalcitrant bankers but either way. Guillotine would work too.

  16. Truth if they are not careful, the way things are going with the Repuglickers trying to cut all spending so America can't recover, the Labor dept. may soon start hiring "Independent Contractors" themselves...

    Will and Tom... you are right...this is what is hard about this situation, the employers need the workers and vice versa, so we need Corporate, we can't let them die... the whole financial system can't survive without them, but we can over time retard their excesses, I think President Obama is cautiously trying to head in that direction.

    Hey Beach, no...the bankers did not win...they only think they did. As a whole, if you remove one leg from the table, you weaken the table's ability to function and you yourself lose the functionality of said table, so they weaken the country with their excesses thinking they have won, but they are actually losing much more with the country's inability to produce larger gains for them in a weakened state. They steal pennies and lose pounds...

    Guillotine?? Oso you evil, wine drinking, french lover you. Haven't you heard? We can change the name to Freedom Fries you know...

  17. I grew up on a farm. Not a big one, but big enough that occasionally I got splattered head to toe with cow shit. The real deal. The thing is, at the end of the day, shit does one of 2 things. It either washes off, or it washes off but leaves you with flesh-eating bacteria. I have to say, the shit with the financial sector - that could go either way :)

  18. Oh Bee you make me are the real deal.
    Head to toe? Oh my gosh, I could just see you coralling them are a real cow girl!!