Thursday, February 11, 2010

Osama Bin Laden is just a pawn.

Quotes from ABC News.
"From what I knew of my father and the people around him I believe he is the most kind among them, because some are much, much worse," Omar bin Laden, who was raised in the midst of his father's fighters, told ABC News in an exclusive interview. "Their mentality wants to make more violence, to create more problems."

This is true, and 100% predictable... his son knows it and we know it. Osama Bin Laden is a pawn...just a pawn in a game that is much larger and older than even he. This is not the game of life...rather it is the game of Death. This game is played between Countries...fighting for superiority over each other, Countries fighting to steal each other's riches...each other's futures...each other's children. It has always been this way, as far back as we can remember, but surely thousands of years before that even. What caused this now and that back then? Greed...the same greed that our last Government succumbed to...and the one before that...and the one before that. We are now a race of...beings headed for the stars, with the brightest of futures, with the brightest of hopes, with the brightest of expectations...there are many in this Universe who are depending on us...time will tell, what histories we shall write.

"...he says the worst may lie ahead, that if his father is killed America may face a broader and more violent enemy, with nothing to keep them in check."

That is no idle warning but instead, it is as accurate a prediction of a future as there ever was told...but it doesn't have to be our future...
We live in the past...with past ideas of conquer, of wars, of thievery, past ideas of bygone religions, that wreak havoc on us even now...past ideas that greed and self, matters more than life ...and our journey to better days...

The question now is, how do we stop the cycle of tit for tat?


  1. Great essay, Teeluck.

    Yes, how indeed?

    Thanks for your thoughts.


    The question now is, how do we stop the cycle of tit for tat?

  2. I fought very hard to get a 'prayer room' for my muslim union members before I left my job at Heathrow. We ended up with a 'meditation room' for the use of all - pre-arranged.

    Up to that point they'd had to use the locker room with the ensuing 'piss takes' of colleagues as they tried to pray.

    My immediate neighbours - The Mahmoods - are muslim.

    Whatever else I am I'm certainly not Islamophobic.

    I am, however, very concerned about Islam.

    Islam has been hi-jacked by fundamentalists.

    Well...I bloody hope it has actually. The alternative is even more horrific.

    The UK will never be Islamic.

    Sadly, a sizeable minority think this can be achieved.

    It can't.


    Frankly. We will 'go to war' and stop them internally if that is what it takes.

    I respect Islam and, should I visit an Islamic country, I will respect their ways/laws.

    In the UK they WILL respect our ways and laws or it will get bloody.

    The call is theirs not ours.

    I worry they will make the wrong call.

    It isn't 'futures' or 'riches' for us ordinary folk.

    It's freedom.

    I will die to protect my freedom from those who despise it.

    (Anyroad...if they despise it so much why don't they fuck off and live in an Islamic state?)

    Dearie me...that was heavy....

  3. Hi Suzan, thank you, very much...

    Dinners, there is one religion mightier than any,
    it cares not for our freedoms, our faiths, our families or our futures...
    and we are all pawns to it's game...
    it is as old as the sun, but as cold as the darkness...
    because of it, we fight, kill and die, all the while, thinking some fellow man is the enemy,
    the real enemy my man's greed
    and it is the cause of all our battles, including this one now...against the radicals hiding amongst the peaceful Muslims.
    Greed has a brother...his name is hate.

  4. I hope you have some good ideas Teeluck. I sure as hell don't.

  5. Truth...we are up a creek, read this...
    They have been doing this for a long time...stealing.

    The only thing we can do is swallow the bitter pill, I think... and support Obama, help him to succeed by not following the Republicans in their efforts to sabotage his efforts. Anything Rush and their clan the opposite. Don't follow their talking points...their sound bites.

  6. I'm trying to process the notion we need to be glad OBL is alive and well, because if he gets taken out we're in for worse violence.

    I tend to think al Qaeda is doing all it can in sending violence this way. I don't see OBL or any of the rest of them practising any kind of reserve.

  7. OBL and al Qaeda are one. The latter is the most dangerous terrorist organization the world has ever seen and the former is the most dangerous terrorist leader the world has ever seen. To underestimate either will prove to be fatal.

    Great piece Tee, and btw I agreed with you 100% on your Avatar comments over at Vigil's place. I loved that flick.

  8. S.W. I totally get it...we are supposed to be happy a terrorist is alive? Worse still, Bush has put Al Qaeda on steroids. We started it... 60 or 80 years ago, and Only policy change can stop it in the future.
    My son went/ my daughter goes to High School two blocks from Ground Zero, they deal with 24/7 terrorism in terms of what they do and cannot do around that area...and around school, it has to stop.

    Mike, they are indeed dangerous, almost as much as an asshole with a bad foreign policy...(notice I did not name the asshole?)...we've had many and will surely have more.
    Avatar was the bomb...and I saw it 3 times didn't I.

  9. Interesting interview. For what it's worth, there's also a theory that Osama bin Laden has been dead since 2002. Who knows?

    It's hard to tell when this hostility started in the Islamic countries. Some of the Arab countries were artificially created in the early 1900s by the West (England more than the U.S.). I'm not sure which countries; I'm pretty sure Iraq and Kuwait are 2 of them. They were part of Arabia before then.

    And of course the U.S. and England were undermining the Iranian government in the early 1950s, culminating in the overthrow of Iran's elected leader and replacing him with the Shah of Iran.

    I'm guessing that the more recent hatred and hostility started when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. At that time bin Laden was our ally when we were backing the Afghan rebels.

    We definitely need to stop this tit for tat cycle.

  10. Osama Bin Laden, in my humble opinion, has indeed been dead since around 2003. That was when Bush, when asked at a press conference what was being done to find Bin Laden, said "he is no longer our prime objective." The only reason he would no longer be a prime objective (notice I said "A", not "The" - there were always dual prime objectives during that time - Iraq and Bin Laden, even though one was given preference over the other). But to totally disregard him? Only because he was dead.

    Anyway, that said, Tee, you really have a way with words, and I always enjoy reading your posts :)

  11. Hey Tom, is he dead?...million dollar question.
    It would mean that his son is trying some kind of trick...who knows. even if he is, because of our policies there will be more...a hundred times more, Bush took care of that.

    Hi Bee, When the Repuglickers tell me to go left, there is usually something on the right that they are hiding...maybe Bush wasn't worried about Osama or a shortage of terrorists because he created the factory which pumps them out now.
    Thank you for your kind words, please continue to visit and enjoy.

    My head is spinning...I am watching Hannity and his guest...Ann Coulter...They make me lose hope for America...they and their sheep are so

  12. Hi Teeluck,
    Just found your site.Nice post. IMO if we stop feeding the Israeli monster everything else becomes much easier. A free election for all of Palestine, or a two state solution with UN resolution 181 borders maybe.

    The British created a colonial European monster in the desert and poured in Ashkenazis.We continue to support it.

    Did you hear Obama say the other day both sides got to give in? Both sides. WTF else do the Palestinians have to give? They just gave up 1400 dead in Gaza last time the IDF invaded. I realize to most Americans that's insignificant compared to the 10 Europeans killed by Hamas rockets in the last 14 years.

    The 12 or so percent of Palestine still nominally lived in by the Muslims and Christians continues to shrink as Jewish settlers continue to sleaze their way in, violating UN resolutions and international law.

    The biggest open-air prison in the world where kids throw rocks at tanks and the tanks blast the kids and Americans cheer because "I wouldn't want nobody throwin' no rocks at me, I'd shoot 'em too" is the type of logic which appeals to the American kill everything that moves as long as it can't fight back mentality.

    OK I'm on a full-blown rant. Sorry Teeluck the subject ticks me off

  13. Oso, you go bro, get your rant on... I ain't got nuthin to say, I'm enjoyin every minute of it. Happy for your visit, please drop by often.

  14. Teeluck, we make the choice, day by day, moment by moment, to do what our integrity and personal values tells us to do. We don't follow the fear filled pack. We make a stand, individually, to say NO I'm not going to hate. We demonstrate our ideals and their consequences... no matter the fallout. Sometimes we become the renegade. FIRST we do it with harm to no one.

    I like your blog! Great stuff. I'll be back! :-)

  15. The Jews are to blame for all the world's evils. You didn't know that, Teeluck?....Seriously, though, while I totally agree with those who say that American foreign policy has at times been bone-headed/counterproductive, to sat that that's the only reason for the depravity over there is absurd. This, I'm saying, in that, yes, some of those people over there are just flat-out NUTS! Hell, me-buckos, they killed this one guy for a frigging comic strip, for Christ! And just take a look at the textbooks that they "educate " their children with....and that damned frigging Hamas charter. Seriously here, that makes the Protocols for the Elders of Zion appear as if it were the Diary of Anne Frank....Bottom-line, I think that we all (all of us, Jew, Christian, AND Muslim) need to take a good, long look at our reflection here....and, yes, change it!

  16. Will,
    speaking of the Diary of Anne Frank-I'd read it's been banned again by some Christian group. I guess they'd prefer their children watch Jersey Shore instead of read that subversive stuff.

  17. Hello Gwendolyn, you are so right...I could not have said it better myself, I am honored to be in company such as yours... I am also very happy to have found your blog, it is will see me there often. Love the music as well.

    Hi Will, nice to see you, because of the beliefs of this trio... in their respective religions, it is impossible to stop the cycle of war and thievery unless they are first re-educated in the truth of the origins of their misunderstood religions.

    Hey Oso, now they have a new leader...Sister Sarah, hold's gonna get bumpy

  18. I feel the same way about the political parties, Teeluck. I'd really like to get rid of them, too - have just ONE convention and pick the two best people, period.